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Keeper league, pick 1 receiver!

Keeper league, pick 1 receiver!

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I am having a really hard time picking...
D Thomas for sure... He will still have Manning throwing to him.
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I'm going Julio.

Peyton is old.
I'm going Dez because he finally put it together late.

Good luck. Pick a number out of a hat
you really gotta decide right now?
I voted Julio.
Julio is the safest pick, me thinks.
Tough choice, but I wouldn't keep Jones because he has to share the ball with White (and maybe Gonzalez if he doesn't retire). I'd keep Thomas over Bryant.
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Can you trade the guys you dont decide to keep? If so, you should keep the guy you are offered the least amount for. All three are viable keeper candidates. If not, I'd keep Julio.
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because Peyton Manning is his QB. Dont care how old he is he's still amazing

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