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Niners singlehandedly lost my fantasy championship for me

Going into tonight's game I was only down 20 something with Crabtree, Lamichael, SF D, Aldon Smith and Navorro Bowman going and my opposition not having any dog in tonight's fight.

Long story short, if the 49ers don't get negative points as a defense in this game, I win. So if you're pissed about this game like we all are as fans, take comfort in knowing they didn't cost you 800 bucks in the process.

Could this game have turned out worse? Manningham, done for year. Davis concussed. Give up first round bye and possibly division. Good christ, what a weekend ruiner.
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well at least it didnt cost me 800 bucks in the process
Dont be such a homer next year?
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take responsibility for your decisions
Sadly.. the Niners getting crushed won me a championship. Down by 18 points with Lynch on my team and Crabtree on the other team. Won by 1 point.

Definitely a bittersweet championship.... especially with no money on the line in this league.
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I only had to start that many Niners because of injuries. Fred Jackson went down. In the end, I lose by 1.5 because of the worst performance this D has put on in quite some time.
Why the heck do you have so many Niner's on you team that's why you lose. For christ sake I love the Niner's but anyone who plays fantasy knows not to pick everyone for your favorite team. good luck next year...
Kaep win me $250 last night in One league. Was Down a 0.5 going into last 5 min.
Almost happened to me too
Niners played like crap and my opponent had lynch
Still won but damn

Now I'm just glad I didn't lose 800 bucks lol
Why bet that much on fantasy football anyway?
I won 2K thanks to clinching in the afternoon and not needed Frank's whole 1 point he got me.

LaMichael James...

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