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RB help

my RB's are depleted, i had MJD and he got hurt and my only starting RB is Reggie Bush. i managed to pick up rashad jennings and knowshon moreno. im starting reggie but out of the other two who would you start? knowshon against TB or Rashad Jennings at buffalo? even with all this im still tied for first place but playoffs start next week so I wanna get a win this week to get that 1 seed
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coo. thats what i was thinkin too cuz jennings average is whack
I have the same Jennings / Moreno issue. The temptation is there for Jennings at Buffalo, but he was really rocky before getting benched, and it's a cold weather road game for a southern team. Knowshon looked reborn last week, and having Payton helps out so much. Then again, same could be said about Henne and Blackmon, who've been tearing it up.

I went Moreno, but I think you're good for around 10 pts with either guy.
Doubt you'll have any shot at winning the championship with those RBs
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lol you wanted to get 1st seed lol
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