Week 8 2012

QB - Brandon Weeden

Weeden is averaging 7.2 points per game and is ranked 19th in total points in our scoring format. I expect him to put up double his average against the struggling Chargers this week.

RB - Kendall Hunter

Hunter doesn't get many touches but when he does he makes plays. This week Gore has sore ribs, and though I think both backs will play I have a feeling Hunter will see about 15 touches and land in the endzone. The Cardinals are a tough defense to run against but the 49ers are the best rushing team in the NFL.

WR - Dez Bryant

I'm not sure if Dez can be called a sleeper or a retard but so far this year his mental mistakes have been a constant. However, I see him coming up big against the Giants in a high scoring game.

TE - Dustin Keller

A very solid tight-end last year with 65 catches and over 800 yards. The Jets have had a horrible passing attack with Keller on the sideline with an injured hamstring. Look for Keller to be the primary target in a division game and to be a top performer at the TE position this week.

TM defense - Detroit Lions

The Seahawks have a great running back but I see a lot of turnovers in this game. Detroit is hungry and they are coming off a very strong defensive showing against the Bears. I see the defense staying in tune and the offense coming alive. Keeping the Seahawks off the field and keeping the score low. Lions 35 Seahawks 6

DL - Justin Smith

Smith is considered a top NFL lineman, but as far as fantasy points go he has had a slow year stuffing the run and taking on blockers for Aldon Smith and Patrick Willis. This week he takes on the Cardinals and a scared QB in Skelton, look for a couple tackles and a sack.

LB - Luke Kuechly

Beason was just put on IR, Chicago runs the ball a lot and Kuechly is an up and coming star. Look for him to be on the field for most of the game and landing at least 10 tackles.

DB - Kam Chancellor

I think the Lions offense comes alive this week versus the strong Seahawks defense. Look for Kam to have to make a lot of tackles and being on the field for a lot of the game.
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