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My Fantasy Keeper League (LEAGUE STARTED, FA begins immediately)

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Eric Gordon, if he's avail
He is, that puts Socks OTC
Socks takes Raymond Felton, G. Lowest Merion is up.
LM takes Andrew Bogut, C. Vishnu is up.
Vishnu takes Nikola Pekovic. 4ML is up X2.
picks coming shortly
I'll take Enes Kanter and Kenneth Faried
Recent picks:

86) Vishnu - Zach Randolph, F/C
87) Lowest Merion - Danny Granger, F
88) Socks - Jimmy Butler, G/F

crzy is on the clock
  • crzy
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Andrew bynum
Amplee, aka MysticWang, is on the clock, followed by TheSixthRing

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I'll take Steve Nash
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Can't seem to fix the last post, so disregard. Here are the latest

92) 24 - Kevin Martin, G
93) Michlake - Amir Johnson, F/C
94) GoldenThroat - Luol Deng, F
95) Jeffs - JR Smith, G/F
96) Mark_In_Tulsa - Jeremy Lin, G

9th Round

97) Mark_In_Tulsa - Markieff Morris, F
98) Jeffs - Wilson Chandler, G/F

LA9erFan/GoldenThroat is on the clock
I take Kyle Korver, G/F. Michlake is OTC
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