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Post your FF records from all your leagues

Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
WZ High Rollers - Team was a disaster. McCoy started slow then got hurt. DeSean Jackson had awful QB play and got hurt. Steven Jackson did nothing until week 10. Amendola got hurt. Stafford went through the first set of games without a TD...And I gave up on Cobb and put him on waivers. Team just makes me

Keeper League - Advanced in first week of playoffs, facing vrabbit to see who goes to the championship

Money Auction League - Advanced in first week of playoffs. This team is riding the Cam Newton train, guy has been on fire last 3 weeks. Lost Percy Harvin, but with Roethlisburger back Wallace is stepping in to play. Spiller getting starting time too! Now if only the 49ers would throw to Vernon Davis....

Keeper League: Vrabbit killed me, team is out of the running

Money Auction League - With all due respect the webzoners, this is the league I care most about. Over 4 years of this league I have the 2nd best W/L record but never captured a championship. I'll be going up against my brother in the championship league. My team is a bit over matched as his team was clearly the best all year, but I'll be banking on McFadden to continue actually touching the ball and CJ Spiller to have huge games. Oh and now that the 49ers are throwing to Vernon Davis, if only Vernon Davis would catch said throws....
Participated in 3 drafts (2 on the webzone) and 3 FINALS!!!!

Not going to count PL Crew league since I couldn't even log on to do the draft and the computer drafted a s**t team.
Originally posted by vrabbit:
Originally posted by vrabbit:
Originally posted by vrabbit:
Originally posted by vrabbit:
Originally posted by vrabbit:

* Good Times ($): 1-0
* WZ High Rollers ($): 0-1
* WZ Football: 1-0
* 49erswebzone staff: 1-0


* Postwhore's League: 0-1
* Parking Lot Crew: 1-0


* BCS Champions: 1-0

In the order posted above








* Good Times ($): 9-4 --> 3rd seed, first playoff game this week vs 6th seed
* WZ High Rollers ($): 6-7 --> 6th seed, first playoff game this week vs 3rd seed (I was the 3rd highest scoring team)
* WZ Football: 9-4 --> 2nd seed, bye week!
* 49erswebzone staff: 9-4, 10 team league, last regular season matchup this week, currently holding the #2 seed


* Postwhore's League: 7-6 --> 6th seed, first playoff game this week vs 3rd seed
* Parking Lot Crew: 8-5 --> 5th seed, first playoof game this week vs 4th seed


* BCS Champions: 8-5 --> #1 seed, bye week!

6/6 making the playoffs so far with one league left!

in the order posted

* blew up my opponent, moved on to the semifinals
* got one of those wins against an opponent having a bad week, I'll take it, semis!
* coming off a bye week to face RonMexico
* finished 10-4, 2nd seed, will face the 3rd seed this week in a semifinal

* one and done
* beat Esco, face Boise this week in the semi's. I'm trying to repeat as champ in this league

* coming off a bye week to face SunDevil

so I made the playoffs in all 7 of my leagues

Made the finals in BOTH of my money leagues, even if I lose in both this week I still collect $300 (paid $75 to join both)
I'm OUT in WZ Football thanks to Chris f**king Johnson's 94-yard TD run, and in the staff league thanks to Russell motherf**king Wilson

In Parking Lot Crew ... f**k YOU Danario Alexander

AND I also made the finals in my league.

The common factor in all 3 of my teams still alive? PURPLE JESUS!
[ Edited by vrabbit on Dec 18, 2012 at 9:26 AM ]
Money League: 9-4 regular season, lost in semifinals. (f**k you Danario Alexander )
Parking Lot Crew League: 8-5, lost first round of playoffs.
Postwhore League: 8-5, in the championship this week.
final post


* Good Times ($): 9-4, 3rd seed, finished 2nd, $100 payout ($25 buy-in)
* WZ High Rollers ($): 6-7, 6th seed, finished 2nd, $200 payout ($50 buy-in)
* WZ Football: 9-4, 2nd seed, finished 3rd
* 49erswebzone staff: 10-4, 2nd seed, finished 3rd


* Postwhore's League: 7-6, 6th seed, finished 5th
* Parking Lot Crew: 8-5, 5th seed, finished 3rd


* BCS Champions: 8-5, 1st seed, CHAMPION

Overall: 57-35 (.620), made the playoffs in every league, 1 title, 2 2nd places, 3 3rd places, 1 5th place.$225 net income.

Not too shabby.
[ Edited by vrabbit on Dec 26, 2012 at 1:10 PM ]
Kinda s**tty year for me...Final post:

Franchise Fantasy Football ($): 7-6, 5th seed, finished 1st, $150 payout ($25 buy-in)
WZ High Rollers ($): 5-8, 10th seed, finished 7th ($50 buy-in)
WZ Football: 10-3, 1st seed, finished 4th
Goodell Handshakes: 4-9, 11th seed, finished 12th
Extra Ordinary League Of Gentlemen ($): 11-2, 1st seed, finished 4th

37-28 regular season
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$$$ League Of Bosses: 1-0
$$$ Franchise Football 1-0
WZ Football 0-1
Aaron Hernandeadz 0-1
High Rollers - Sprintrightoption 1-0
Bucktown - #GoldenStateOfMind 1-0
Rockingham's Finest - KapGun7 0-1


Carolina Sons - DeKapitatedYoAzz 1-0


Bring The Heat - SprintRightOption 1-0


Jadeveon Clowney's Hit - EastBoundnDown 2-0
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