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Need to start two receivers.

I have Jennings, Austin, Ogletree, and Stephen Hill.

I would obviously start Jennings and Austin, as I did last week. I just recently swooped up Hill and Ogletree. Jennings is most likely not going to play tmrw so I need to make a decision quick. Should I go with Austin and Hill(tough one against Pittsburgh) or do what we're not supposed to do and start two guys from the same team by going with Austin and Ogletree? What to do??
Yeah, that was my gut choice.
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Not Jennings
[ Edited by marshniners24 on Sep 13, 2012 at 12:23 AM ]
I'd go with the proven Austin. For me, I would like to see a couple more good games put together by Hill and Ogletree before i start them. if these are your only options i would pair Hill with him since he "should" see more targets than Ogletree.
I need help, I can only start 3. But which 3
A Foster vs Jax
M Forte vs GB
R Bush vs Oak
CJ Spiller vs KC
Much appreciated
cam newton against the saints or cutler vs green bay???
Green Ellis or Ridley?
Solid, just keep Bush out.

Honda, I'd say you can't go wrong with either.

I want to start James Jones, but none of you think I should start him over Roddy White, Antonio Brown, or Malcom Floyd, right?
As for the above:

Solid; I'd also recommend sitting Bush.

Honda; I'd start Newton

Est; It's almost a coin-flip, but I slightly favor Ridley.
started Cam thank god lol
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