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How much should I be panicking?

I went high risk with a lot of my picks and it looks like it's blowing up in my face. My top 4 picks, DMC, Matthews, Welker and Nicks combined for like 15 points. And because I kept having the best available QBs picked right in front of me, my QB situation is terrible.

My team looks like:
QBs: Roethlisburger, Luck
RBs: McFadden, Ryan Mathews, McGahee, Benson
WR: Wes Welker, Nicks, Antonio Brown, Lance Moore, Crabtree
TE: Tamme
K: Bironas

Welker looks like an after thought in NE. Nicks doesn't look much better. Matthews may or may not be healthy next week.

So... how hard should I be trying to trade for a better QB? Or should I drop Luck to pick up Sanchez?

And in non PPR is Crabtree really worth hanging onto? Seems like he's targeted a lot, but still probably not going to have many big weeks. Thinking about dropping him for Alshon Jeffries.

I don't usually start new threads just to bellyache, but I've never had a team look this bad out the gate. So I need some outside voices here to tell me if I should just right this out, or try to make big moves (like trading Welker) while I still can. What do you think, zone?
Week one my friend.
I probably wouldn't make any of those moves that you mentioned

can you post your bench players so we can get a better look

that's kind of a poor mans team with with some early smart/lucky moves u could b competitive
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My bench is the non bold players.

I put a waiver claim on Alfred Morris (dropping Crabtree) but I'm 5th so I doubt I will get it.

Thinking of trying for some kind of Welker for Gore trade if I can. Feel like I might have to do that soon, before it stops looking like a fluke...
Deeeerp my bad im sleepy
BTW, one of the reasons I'm sweating it is because I held onto Roddy for a long time last season thinking he'd bounce back and he never did. Really don't want that to happen with Welker this year.
Uggg I guess if owned that team I would stay put. You dont like bb as your qb?

if your that worried about wes check on some teams WR2 situations washingtons wr2 perhaps,lafell, nate washington research research.
You're overreacting IMO
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once mathews comes back I think you will be fine.
Loses Week 1

Waives everyone

I'm not a fan of the high risk/little reward strategy

better luck next year
Originally posted by RonMexico:
I'm not a fan of the high risk/little reward strategy

better luck next year


Yeah, fair enough. My draft last year I really tried to get as many safe picks as possible and I ended up losing every week by pretty close margins. So this year I just went with the player I thought had the highest upside at every pick for the first several rounds.

Anyway, I stood pat during the waiver period. Worked my way up to 3rd on the list which might come in handy next week.

Still thinking about dropping Crabtree for Jeffries though, since no one picked him up off waivers.
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Originally posted by TheSixthRing:
Loses Week 1

Waives everyone

Originally posted by jrg:
Originally posted by TheSixthRing:
Loses Week 1

Waives everyone

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