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Top 49er in Fantasy Football

Top 49er in Fantasy Football

Originally posted by islavistan:
Originally posted by zomg_its_ryan:
lmao you took Gronk then Vernon with your 1st two picks? What are you in a 20 team league? I wish I was in your league...

Let me clarify, Gronk was the first TE taken, but by someone else. Took VD in the 2nd round as the 2nd TE off the board. 14 team league, TE can also be put in the flex and already had Cam and Murray as keepers + Rice in round 1.
Ok good. I thought you drafted them back-to-back. In a 14 team league Vernon would have to be taken in the 2nd.
Originally posted by Janitor:
If Gore goes down it'll be Hunter without a doubt.

I agree. I obviously want Gore to stay healthy, but I'm holding Hunter on my bench as long as I can.

As it is, it's pretty tight between Gore and Vernon, with Davis taking the top spot imo. As others have posted, Akers and Niners D are the other 2 solid plays, best at their positions, but in less important positions (fantasy wise).
secrets are out...... i none of the niner key players fell to me this year.

akers and D/ST went 4th and 5th round in my league.
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