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Critique my team please. 10 teams, I had the 10th pick...

AJ Green
Percy Harvin
Fred Jackson
Donald Brown
Jimmy Graham
Eric Decker
J Hanson
Green Bay

D players
Von Miller
Sean Lee

Titus Young
D Bowe
M Floyd
Kendall Hunter (my homer pick lol)
Jared Cook
B Green Ellis

Thanks in advance
Not a lot of Superstar firepower for a 10 team league. Very weak at RB. Just my opinion.
How's the scoring setup for this league?

You have a stud QB and TE. You have two high volume receivers with a 3rd (Decker) that will probably be this year as well. So I like your WRs, especially if your league is PPR.

RB is a bit weak. Fred Jackson, if he can stay healthy, is a very good back, but more of a RB2. I don't know what kind of numbers to expect from Brown this year given that team will be behind early and often and will be airing the ball out a lot. Green Ellis is a nice back to have, but I think RB will be your weak spot.

Don't be shy about looking for a way to upgrade at RB. I think that this team has a chance to make the playoffs if you make some sharp moves during the season.
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