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Rate my team (12 team league PPR)

Rate my team (12 team league PPR)

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Originally posted by est1985:
In my other 12 team league:


T. Young

I think for a 12 team league my roster is pretty solid. Thoughts?

Thats a good team for 12. I like Ridley or Law firm (preferable lawfirm) as your #2.... but solid team. (unless PPR)
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Originally posted by Garcia:
lol, you must be joking asking us to rate a 6 team league.

Lol I didn't want anyone to rate that team. I just wanted to post how ridiculous the line up is!

I wanted you guys to rate my roster in the 12 team league.
Lost by 30 pts in week 1. Traded Sproles for Fitzgerald straight up.

Joe Flacco
Arian Foster
Dexter McCluster
Larry Fitzgerald
Torrey Smith
Percy Harvin
Greg Olsen
Try and pick the best defensive matchup avail (currently Bills)
Nate Kaeding

I have arguably 2 of the top 10 picks in most drafts now :)

My bench, ugh:

Kevin Smith
Fred Jackson
Ben Tate
Justin Blackmon
Caron Palmer
Jacquizz Rodgers
Davone Bess
Ed Dickson
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Finished 7-7 and missed the playoffs by 1.6 pts. I would have gotten destroyed anyway.

My two biggest draft mistakes:

1. Drafting Ben Tate in the 2nd round -- that 25 pt week 2 was his pinnacle :(
2. Believing in the Joe Flacco and Torrey Smith pre-season no huddle offense hype and wasting picks on them.

s**t that hurt later down the line:

1. Losing Percy Harvin and Fred Jackson to injury
2. Larry Fitzgerald becoming non-existent down the stretch.

Looking forward to next year!

Btw here was the champion's week 16 lineup that won him league:

Peyton Manning
Alfred Morris
Trent Richardson
Calvin Johnson
Julio Jones
Martellus Bennet
AJ Green
Matt Bryant
Arizona D'

defeated the runner up:

Drew Brees
Adrian Peterson
Shonn Greene
Jeremy Maclin
Michael Crabtree
Antonio Gates
Steve Smith
49ers D
David Akers
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Why did you draft Ben Tate in the 2nd round?
Originally posted by TruNinerFan:
Why did you draft Ben Tate in the 2nd round?

because i' was a tard thinking he'd have spurts of good games like last season (and week 2 of this season)
and for insurance of course in case of a Foster injury.
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