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High Rollers FF League - Season 4 - NINERJOHN IS THE CHAMPION!

I think Rice helps sundevil out a bit. Maybe he won't finish with the first overall pick now.
Originally posted by RonMexico:
Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
Ray Rice for Kendall Hunter? ummm okay

you realize you traded away a first round pick also................................. for ray rice..................................

wait what?
I didn't see a 1st round pick attached to that....

edit: please vote against, I didn't know there were draft picks in that trade....
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Originally posted by YungAce:

I shouldn't accept fantasy trades while drinking
and because I know you guys are a*****es you won't veto and I'm ruined

Happy drunk to sad drunk

I can't even celebrate my first win
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My thoughts upon learning I accidentally traded my 1st round pick

I'm approving it. I offered a third to crzy for Rice if it makes you feel better. Crzy, good job bro!

Trade looks good to me.
I was coming in here to bash SDN about this trade.

Upon further review, yep you're still a dumbass
I think the funniest part is that Sun actually thought that Crazy would trade him Ray Rice and Miles Austin straight up for Kendall Hunter and Chris Givens.
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Not cool. This is a money league. People should pay attention to what they're doing.

I disagree that this trade should be vetoed for any reason.
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