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High Rollers FF League - Season 3 - 49ersRednGold IS THE CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$60 buy-in with the pot ($720) split among the top 4 teams

1st place - $320
2nd place - $220
3rd place - $120
4th place - $60

(Change effective as of the 2014 season. Previously entry fee was $50 with the pot, $600, split among the top 3 teams - $300, $200, $100.)

2013 Season
1st place - crzy
2nd place - vrabbit
3rd place - LA9erfan

2012 Season
1st place - Ninerjohn
2nd place - vrabbit
3rd place - crzy

This is a PPR Yahoo! league . QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, DST, K, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR. The draft will be conducted OFFLINE through this thread. Head-to-head, no divisions. 3 keepers (This was a 4-keeper league during the 2012 and 2013 seasons).

Scoring Format

25 passing yards: 1 point
Passing TD: 6 points
Interceptions: -2 points
Sacks: -0.5 points

10 rushing yards: 1 point
Rushing TD: 6 points

Reception: 1 point
10 receiving yards: 1 point
Receiving TD: 6 points

2-pt conversion: 2 points
Fumble lost: -2 points
Offensive Fumble Return TD: 6 points

Field Goals 0-39 Yards: 3 points
Field Goals 40-49 Yards: 4 points
Field Goals 50+ Yards: 5 points
Field Goals Missed 0-19 Yards: -5 points
Field Goals Missed 20-29 Yards: -4 points
Field Goals Missed 30-39 Yards: -3 points
Field Goals Missed 40-49 Yards: -2 points
Field Goals Missed 50+ Yards: -1 point
Point After Attempt Made: 1 point
Point After Attempt Missed: -3 points

Defense/Special Teams
Sack: 1 point
Interception: 2 points
Fumble Recovery: 2 points
Touchdown: 6 points
Safety: 2 points
Block Kick: 4 points
Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns: 6 points
Points Allowed 0 points: 15 points
Points Allowed 1-6 points: 10 points
Points Allowed 7-13 points: 5 points
Points Allowed 14-20 points: 1 point
Points Allowed 21-27 points: 0 points
Points Allowed 28-34 points: -1 point
Points Allowed 35+ points: -5 points

Format subject to changes if a majority decides.

GM's: BoiseNiner, 49ersRednGold (replaces crzy), GameOver, LA9erfan, Garcia (replaces YungAce), NC49erfan82, Ninerjohn, redrose49er, RonMexico, Rubberneck36, SunDevilNiner79, vrabbit.

Draft order for 2014 (Snake format)
1. SunDevilNiner79 - SunDevilNiner
2. GameOver - No Shoes
3. NC49erfan82 - JJStoked
4. Rubberneck36 - RubsRubbers
5. Garcia - Lynching Them Softly
6. RonMexico - ELIte
7. redrose49er - Redrose49er
8. Ninerjohn - Montana to Rice
9. BoiseNiner - Boise
10. LA9erfan - Llamadeus
11. vrabbit - Rabbit Me This
12. 49ersRednGold - RednGold

(In Season 2 YungAce replaced modninerfan, GameOver replaced jrg, Rubberneck36 replaced MoistButtCheeks from Season 1)

- Entre fee due on August 4th. Keepers need to be set by August 4th. WZ (offline) draft will start on August 18th. Draft needs to be finished by August 27th.

Trades from last year's draft that affect this year's draft
1A) Gameover trades his 1st round pick (6th overall), 5th round pick (54th overall), 6th round pick (67th overall), and 2014 11th round pick to Rubberneck36 for his 2nd round pick (16th overall), 5th round pick (57th overall), 11th round pick (129th overall) and 2014 1st round pick. (see 2nd Season Draft Results in the second post, Pre Draft trade "I".)
2A) Post-draft trades from season 1:
10/19/12: crzy traded Michael Vick, 2013 1st and 6th round picks to modninerfan (YungAce) for Tom Brady, 2013 7th and 15th round picks. (15th round becomes 11th - last round)
--> This trade was not properly reflected in last year's draft and therefore crzy did not receive YungAce's 7th and 11th round picks, nor did YungAce receive crzy's 6th round pick. Therefore the following has been agreed to: crzy's 2014 6th round pick will go to YungAce and YungAce's 2014 7th round pick will go to crzy. Furthermore, crzy and YungAce will swap their 2014 11th round picks IF YungAce's pick is higher overall.
-->Note that this season 49ersRednGold replaces crzy and Garcia replaces YungAce.

Post-draft trades from season 2 (involving draft picks for the 2014 draft)
Rubberneck36 traded David Wilson and his 2014 2nd round pick to YungAce (now Garcia) for Darren McFadden and his 2014 5th round pick.

Pre-2014 Draft trades
A) Garcia trades his 2nd round pick to Rubberneck36 for Demaryius Thomas. (Garcia receives Rubberneck36's 12th round pick as compensation as well)
B) SunDevilNiner79 trades his 2nd round pick to Garcia for Antonio Brown. (SunDevilNiner79 receives Garcia's 12th round pick as compensation as well)
C) Garcia trades his 1st round pick to Rubberneck36 for Aaron Rodgers. (Garcia receives Rubberneck36's 11th round pick as compensation as well)
D) Rubberneck36 trades his 3rd and 5th round picks to 49ersRednGold for Colin Kaepernick and her 5th round pick. (Rubberneck36 receives 49ersRednGold's 12th round pick as well. --> By default Rubberneck36 regains his 11th round pick given to Garcia in trade "C" and Garcia receives 49ersRednGold's 12th round pick instead.)


SunDevilNiner79 - LeSean McCoy, Antonio Brown, Vincent Jackson.
GameOver - Andrew Luck, Marshawn Lynch, Julio Jones.
NC49erfan82 - Doug Martin, Eddie Lacy, AJ Green.
Rubberneck36 - Colin Kaepernick, Jimmy Graham, Montee Ball.
Garcia - Aaron Rodgers, Demaryius Thomas, Leveon Bell.
RonMexico - Robert Griffin III, Alshon Jefferey, Matt Forte.
redrose49er - Andre Ellington, Jordy Nelson, Larry Fitzgerald.
Ninerjohn - Brandon Marshall, Arian Foster, Demarco Murray.
BoiseNiner - Drew Brees, Giovanni Bernard and Randall Cobb.
LA9erfan - Calvin Johnson, Alfred Morris, Ben Tate.
vrabbit - Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, Zac Stacy.
49ersRednGold - Nick Foles, Jamaal Charles, Dez Bryant

Draft Trades
1) redrose49er trades his 3rd (31st overall) and 7th (79# overall) round picks to Rubberneck36 for his 4th (45th overall) and one of his 5th (53rd overall, via Garcia) round picks.
2) GameOver trades Marshawn Lynch and Markus Wheaton to Garcia for Le'Veon Bell, Mike Evans, and his 2015 2nd round pick.


Round 1
1. SunDevilNiner79 - Ryan Matthews, RB
2. GameOver - Keenan Allen, WR
3. NC49erfan82 - Reggie Bush, RB
4. GameOver (via Rubberneck36) - Shane Vereen, RB
5. Rubberneck36 (via Garcia) - CJ Spiller, RB
6. RonMexico - Pierre Garcon, WR
7. redrose49er - Rob Gronkowski, TE
8. Ninerjohn - Julius Thomas, TE
9. BoiseNiner - Victor Cruz, WR
10. LA9erfan - Joique Bell, RB
11. vrabbit - Andre Johnson, WR
12. 49ersRednGold - Michael Crabtree, WR

Round 2
13. 49ersRednGold - Frank Gore, RB
14. vrabbit - Roddy White, WR
15. LA9erfan - T.Y. Hilton, WR
16. BoiseNiner - Wes Welker, WR
17. Ninerjohn - Toby Gerhart, RB
18. redrose49er - Matthew Stafford, QB
19. RonMexico - Bishop Sankey, RB
20. Rubberneck36 (via Garcia) - Julian Edelman, WR
21. Garcia (via Rubberneck36) - Rashad Jennings, RB
22. NC49erfan82 - Desean Jackson, WR
23. GameOver - Michael Floyd, WR
24. Garcia (via SunDevilNiner79) - Chris Johnson, RB

Round 3
25. SunDevilNiner79 - Brandin Cooks, WR
26. Gameover - Jordan Cameron, TE
27. NC49erfan82 - Percy Harvin, WR
28. 49ersRednGold (via Rubberneck36) - Cordarrelle Patterson, WR
29. Garcia - Torrey Smith, WR
30. RonMexico - Ray Rice, RB
31. Rubberneck36 (via redrose49er) - Marques Colston, WR
32. Ninerjohn - Kendall Wright, WR
33. BoiseNiner - Lamar Miller, RB
34. LA9erfan - Jordan Reed, TE
35. vrabbit - Vernon Davis, TE
36. 49ersRednGold - Golden Tate, WR

Round 4
37. 49ersRednGold - Kyle Rudolph, TE
38. vrabbit - Reggie Wayne, WR
39. LA9erfan - Jeremy Maclin, WR
40. BoiseNiner - Greg Olsen, TE
41. Ninerjohn - Emannuel Sanders, WR
42. redrose49er - Trent Richardson, RB
43. RonMexico - Mike Wallace, WR
44. Garcia - Terrence Williams, WR
45. redrose49er (via Rubberneck36) - Pierre Thomas, RB
46. NC49erfan82 - Jason Witten, TE
47. GameOver - Zach Ertz, TE
48. SunDevilNiner79 - Maurice Jones-Drew, RB

Round 5
49. SunDevilNiner79 - Tom Brady, QB
50. GameOver - Terrance West, RB
51. NC49erfan82 - Matt Ryan, QB
52. 49ersRednGold (via Rubberneck36) - Mark Ingram, RB
53. redrose49er (via Rubberneck36, via Garcia) - Danny Woodhead, RB
54. RonMexico - Dennis Pitta, TE
55. redrose49er - Eric Decker, WR
56. Ninerjohn - Fred Jackson, RB
57. BoiseNiner - Carlos Hyde, RB
58. LA9erfan - Stevan Ridley, RB
59. vrabbit - Sammy Watkins, WR
60. Rubberneck36 (via 49ersRednGold) - Anquan Boldin, WR

Round 6
61. Garcia (via 49ersRednGold) - Steven Jackson, RB
62. vrabbit - Darren Sproles, RB
63. LA9erfan - DeAndre Hopkins, WR
64. BoiseNiner - Justin Hunter, WR
65. Ninerjohn - Rueben Randle, WR
66. redrose49er - Riley Cooper, WR
67. RonMexico - Bernard Pierce, RB
68. Garcia - Mike Evans, WR
69. Rubberneck36 - Kelvin Benjamin, WR
70. NC49erfan82 - Knowshon Moreno, RB
71. GameOver - Devonta Freeman, RB
72. SunDevilNiner79 - Martellus Bennett, TE

Round 7
73. SunDevilNiner79 - Tony Romo, QB
74. GameOver - Markus Wheaton, WR
75. NC49erfan82 - Danny Amendola, WR
76. Rubberneck36 - Darren McFadden, RB
77. 49ersRednGold (via Garcia) - Jay Cutler, QB
78. RonMexico - Cam Newton, QB
79. Rubberneck36 (via redrose49er) - DeAngelo Williams, RB
81. Ninerjohn - Russell Wilson, QB
81. BoiseNiner - Jordan Matthews, WR
82. LA9erfan - Phillip Rivers, QB
83. vrabbit - Jeremy Hill, RB
84. 49ersRednGold - Hakeem Nicks, WR

Round 8
85. 49ersRednGold - Lance Dunbar, RB
86. vrabbit - Seahawks, DEF
87. LA9erfan - Panthers, DEF
88. BoiseNiner - 49ers, DEF
89. Ninerjohn - Tavon Austin, WR
90. redrose49er - Rams, DEF
91. RonMexico - Ladarius Green, TE
92. Garcia - Khiry Robinson, RB
93. Rubberneck36 - Marqise Lee, WR
94. NC49erfan82 - Eric Ebron, TE
95. GameOver - Aaron Dobson, WR
96. SunDevilNiner79 - Steve Smith, WR

Round 9
97. SunDevilNiner79 - Bengals, DEF
98. GameOver - Cardinals, DEF
99. NC49erfan82 - Broncos, DEF
100. Rubberneck36 - Chiefs, DEF
101. Garcia - Delanie Walker, TE
102. RonMexico - Cecil Shorts, WR
103. redrose49er - Kenny Stills, WR
104. Ninerjohn - Andre Williams, RB
105. BoiseNiner - Ahmad Bradshaw, RB
106. LA9erfan - Matt Prater, K
107. vrabbit - Josh Gordon, WR
108. 49ersRednGold - Stephen Gostkowski, K

Round 10
109. 49ersRednGold - New England Defense
110. vrabbit - Dexter McCluster, RB
111. LA9erfan - Andy Dalton, QB
112. BoiseNiner - Tre Mason, RB
113. Ninerjohn - Ben Roethlisberger, QB
114. redrose49er - Brian Hartline, WR
115. RonMexico - Steven Hauschka, K
116. Garcia - Kenny Britt, WR
117. Rubberneck36 - Donald Brown, RB
118. NC49erfan82 - Carlson Palmer, QB
119. GameOver - Jonathan Grimes, RB
120. SunDevilNiner79 - Mason Crosby, K

Round 11
121. SunDevilNiner79 - Chris Ivory, RB
122. Rubberneck36 (via GameOver) - Justin Tucker, K
123. NC49erfan82 - Dwayne Bowe, WR
124. Rubberneck36 (via Garcia, via Rubberneck36) - Charles Clay, TE
125. 49ersRednGold (via Garcia) - Heath Miller, TE
126. RonMexico - Shonn Greene, RB
127. redrose49er - Knile Davis, RB
128. Ninerjohn - Buccaneers, DEF
129. BoiseNiner - Travis Kelce, TE
130. LA9erfan - LeGarrette Blount, RB
131. vrabbit - Alex Smith, QB
132. Garcia (via 49ersRednGold) - Texans, DEF

Round 12
133. Garcia (via 49ersRednGold, via Rubberneck36) - Blair Walsh, K
134. vrabbit - Adam Vinatieri, K
135. LA9erfan - Christine Michael, RB
136. BoiseNiner - Dan Bailey, K
137. Ninerjohn - Phil Dawson, K
138. redrose49er - Alex Henery, K
139. RonMexico - Saints, DEF
140. SunDevilNiner79 (via Garcia) - James Jones, WR
141. Garcia (via Rubberneck36) - Malcolm Floyd, WR
142. NC49erfan82 - John Brown, WR
143. GameOver - Rian Lindell, K
144. SunDevilNiner79 - Ronnie Hillman, RB


QB - Tom Brady
WR - Antonio Brown
WR - Vincent Jackson
RB - LeSean McCoy
RB - Ryan Matthews
TE - Martellus Bennett
Flex - Brandin Cooks
K - Mason Crosby
DEF - Bengals

BN - Maurice Jones-Drew
BN - Tony Romo
BN - Steve Smith
BN - Chris Ivory
BN - James Jones
BN - Ronnie Hillman

QB - Andrew Luck
WR - Julio Jones
WR - Keenan Allen
RB - Le'Veon Bell
RB - Shane Vereen
TE - Jordan Cameron
Flex - Michael Floyd
K - Rian Lindell
DEF - Cardinals

BN - Zach Ertz
BN - Terrance West
BN - Devonta Freeman
BN - Mike Evans
BN - Aaron Dobson
BN - Jonathan Grimes

QB - Matt Ryan
WR - AJ Green
WR - DeSean Jackson
RB - Doug Martin
RB - Eddie Lacy
TE - Jason Witten
Flex - Reggie Bush
K -
DEF - Broncos

BN - Percy Harvin
BN - Knowshon Moreno
BN - Danny Amendola
BN - Eric Ebron
BN - Carlson Palmer
BN - Dwayne Bowe
BN - John Brown

QB - Colin Kaepernick
WR - Julian Edelman
WR - Marques Colston
RB - Montee Ball
RB - CJ Spiller
TE - Jimmy Graham
Flex - Anquan Boldin
K - Justin Tucker
DEF - Chiefs

BN - Kelvin Benjamin
BN - Darren McFadden
BN - DeAngelo Williams
BN - Marqise Lee
BN - Donald Brown
BN - Charles Clay

QB - Aaron Rodgers
WR - Demaryius Thomas
WR - Torrey Smith
RB - Marshawn Lynch
RB - Rashad Jennings
TE - Delanie Walker
Flex - Chris Johnson
K - Blair Walsh
DEF - Texans

BN - Terrence Williams
BN - Steven Jackson
BN - Markus Wheaton
BN - Khiry Robinson
BN - Kenny Britt
BN - Malcolm Floyd

QB - Robert Griffin III
WR - Alshon Jefferey
WR - Pierre Garcon
RB - Matt Forte
RB - Bishop Sankey
TE - Dennis Pitta
Flex - Ray Rice
K - Steven Hauschka
DEF - Saints

BN - Mike Wallace
BN - Bernard Pierce
BN - Cam Newton
BN - Ladarius Green
BN - Cecil Shorts
BN - Shonn Greene

QB - Matthew Stafford
WR - Jordy Nelson
WR - Larry Fitzgerald
RB - Andre Ellington
RB - Trent Richardson
TE - Rob Gronkowski
Flex - Pierre Thomas
K - Alex Henery
DEF - Rams

BN - Danny Woodhead
BN - Eric Decker
BN - Riley Cooper
BN - Kenny Stills
BN - Brian Hartline
BN - Knile Davis

QB - Russell Wilson
WR - Brandon Marshall
WR - Kendall Wright
RB - Arian Foster
RB - Demarco Murray
TE - Julius Thomas
Flex - Toby Gerhart
K - Phil Dawson
DEF - Buccaneers

BN - Emmanuel Sanders
BN - Fred Jackson
BN - Rueben Randle
BN - Tavon Austin
BN - Andre Williams
BN - Ben Roethlisberger

QB - Drew Brees
WR - Randall Cobb
WR - Victor Cruz
RB - Giovanni Bernard
RB - Lamar Miller
TE - Greg Olsen
Flex - Wes Welker
K - Dan Bailey
DEF - 49ers

BN - Carlos Hyde
BN - Justin Hunter
BN - Jordan Matthews
BN - Ahmad Bradshaw
BN - Tre Mason
BN - Travis Kelce

QB - Phillip Rivers
WR - Calvin Johnson
WR - T.Y. Hilton
RB - Alfred Morris
RB - Ben Tate
TE - Jordan Reed
Flex - Joique Bell
K - Matt Prater
DEF - Panthers

BN - Jeremy Maclin
BN - Stevan Ridley
BN - DeAndre Hopkins
BN - Andy Dalton
BN - LeGarrette Blount
BN - Christine Michael

QB - Peyton Manning
WR - Andre Johnson
WR - Roddy White
RB - Adrian Peterson
RB - Zac Stacy
TE - Vernon Davis
FLEX - Reggie Wayne
K - Adam Vinatieri
DEF - Seahawks

BN - Sammy Watkins
BN - Darren Sproles
BN - Jeremy Hill
BN - Josh Gordon
BN - Dexter McCluster
BN - Alex Smith

QB - Nick Foles
WR - Dez Bryant
WR - Michael Crabtree
RB - Jamaal Charles
RB - Frank Gore
TE - Kyle Rudolph
Flex - Cordarrelle Patterson
K - Stephen Gostkowski
DEF - Patriots

BN - Golden Tate
BN - Mark Ingram
BN - Jay Cutler
BN - Hakeem Nicks
BN - Lance Dunbar
BN - Heath Miller
[ Edited by vrabbit on Dec 22, 2014 at 9:06 AM ]
1st season Draft Results.


* crzy trades the 20th, 29th, and 53rd overall picks to SunDevilNiner79 for the 23rd, 26th, and 50th overall picks.
* NC49erfan82 trades the 31st and 66th overall picks to MoistButtCheeks for the 46th and 51st overall picks.
* vrabbit trades the 38th, 62nd, and 107th overall picks to SunDevilNiner79 for the 47th, 53rd, and 98th overall picks
* LA9erfan trades 52nd and 172nd overall picks to MoistButtCheeks for the 66th and 70th overall picks.
* crzy trades DeAngelo Williams to SunDevilNiner79 for the 167th overall pick


Round 1
1. Ninerjohn - Arian Foster, RB
2. SunDevilNiner79 - LeSean McCoy, RB
3. MoistButtCheeks - Aaron Rodgers, QB
4. LA9erfan - Calvin Johnson, WR
5. crzy - Ray Rice, RB
6. BoiseNiner - Drew Brees, QB
7. NC49erfan82 - Maurice Jones-Drew, RB
8. RonMexico - Chris Johnson, RB
9. jrg - Trent Richardson, RB
10. modninerfan - Tom Brady, QB
11. vrabbit - Larry Fitzgerald, WR
12. redrose49er - Ryan Matthews, RB

Round 2
13. redrose49er - Darren McFadden, RB
14. vrabbit - Adrian Peterson, RB
15. modninerfan - Andre Johnson, WR
16. jrg - Marshawn Lynch, RB
17. RonMexico - Matt Forte, RB
18. NC49erfan82 - A.J. Green, WR
19. BoiseNiner - Ron Gronkowski, TE
20. SunDevilNiner (via crzy) - Matthew Stafford, QB
21. LA9erfan - Cam Newton, QB
22. MoistButtCheeks - Darren Sproles, RB
23. crzy (via SunDevilNiner79) - Jimmy Graham, TE
24. Ninerjohn - Wes Welker, WR

Round 3
25. Ninerjohn - DeMarco Murray, RB
26. crzy (via SunDevilNiner79) - Jamaal Charles, RB
27. MoistButtCheeks - Roddy White, WR
28. LA9erfan - Julio Jones, WR
29. SunDevilNiner79 (via crzy) - Steven Jackson, RB
30. BoiseNiner - Greg Jennings, WR
31. MoistButtCheeks (via NC49erfan82) - Victor Cruz, WR
32. RonMexico - Brandon Marshall, WR
33. jrg - Michael Turner, RB
34. modninerfan - Hakeem Nicks, WR
35. vrabbit - Mike Wallace, WR
36. redrose49er - Ahmad Bradshaw, RB

Round 4
37. redrose49er - Jordy Nelson, WR
38. SunDevilNiner79 (via vrabbit) - Marques Colston, WR
39. modninerfan - Fred Jackson, RB
40. jrg - Steve Smith (Panthers), WR
41. RonMexico - Eli Manning, QB
42. NC49erfan82 - Doug Martin, RB
43. BoiseNiner - Reggie Bush, RB
44. crzy - Michael Vick, QB
45. LA9erfan - Roy Helu, RB
46. NC49erfan82 (via MoistButtCheeks) - San Francisco, DST
47. vrabbit (via SunDevilNiner79) - Peyton Manning, QB
48. Ninerjohn - Percy Harvin, WR

Round 5
49. Ninerjohn - Tony Romo, QB
50. crzy (via SunDevilNiner79) - Dez Bryant, WR
51. NC49erfan82 (via MoistButtCheeks) - Dwayne Bowe, WR
52. MoistButtCheeks (via LA9erfan) - Demaryius Thomas, WR
53. vrabbit (via SunDevilNiner79, via crzy) - Frank Gore, RB
54. BoiseNiner - Miles Austin, WR
55. NC49erfan82 - Stevie Johnson, WR
56. RonMexico - Jeremy Maclin, WR
57. jrg - Phillip Rivers, QB
58. modninerfan - Beanie Wells, RB
59. vrabbit - Jason Witten, TE
60. redrose49er - Matt Ryan, QB

Round 6
61. redrose49er - Antonio Brown, WR
62. SunDevilNiner79 (via vrabbit) - Jonathan Stewart, RB
63. modninerfan - Vernon Davis, TE
64. jrg - Brandon Lloyd, WR
65. RonMexico - Aaron Hernandez, TE
66. LA9erfan (via MoistButtCheeks, via NC49erfan82) - Jahvid Best, RB
67. BoiseNiner - Vincent Jackson, WR
68. crzy - Antonio Gates, TE
69. LA9erfan - James Starks, RB
70. LA9erfan (via MoistButtCheeks) - Jermichael Finley, TE
71. SunDevilNiner79 - Brandon Pettigrew
72. Ninerjohn - Shonn Green, RB

Round 7
73. Ninerjohn - Eric Decker, WR
74. SunDevilNiner79 - DeSean Jackson, WR
75. MoistButtCheeks - Willis McGahee, RB
76. LA9erfan - Torrey Smith, WR
77. crzy - Isaac Redman, RB
78. BoiseNiner - C.J. Spiller, RB
79. NC49erfan82 - Andy Dalton, QB
80. RonMexico - Peyton Hillis, RB
81. jrg - Justin Blackmon, WR
82. modninerfan - Texans, DEF
83. vrabbit - Benjarvus Green-Ellis, RB
84. redrose49er - Titus Young, WR

Round 8
85. redrose49er - Reggie Wayne, WR
86. vrabbit - Denarius Moore, WR
87. modninerfan - Michael Crabtree, WR
88. jrg - Fred Davis, TE
89. RonMexico - Greg Little, WR
90. NC49erfan82 - Jacob Tamme, TE
91. BoiseNiner - Donald Brown, RB
92. crzy - Robert Meachem, WR
93. LA9erfan - Pierre Garcon, WR
94. MoistButtCheeks - Jared Cook, TE
95. SunDevilNiner79 - Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR
96. Ninerjohn - Ben Tate, RB

Round 9
97. Ninerjohn - Robert Griffin III, QB
98. vrabbit (via SunDevilNiner79) - Anquan Boldin, WR
99. MoistButtCheeks - Ben Roethlisberger, QB
100. LA9erfan - Mikel LeShoure, RB
101. crzy - Kenny Britt, WR
102. BoiseNiner - David Wilson, RB
103. NC49erfan82 - Randy Moss, WR
104. RonMexico - Eagles, DEF
105. jrg - Andrew Luck, QB
106. modninerfan - Coby Fleener, TE
107. SunDevilNiner79 (via vrabbit) - Danny Amendola, WR
108. redrose49er - Tony Gonzalez, TE

Round 10
109. redrose49er - Toby Gerhart, RB
110. vrabbit - Matt Schaub, QB
111. modninerfan - Kendall Hunter, RB
112. jrg - Sidney Rice
113. RonMexico - Jay Cutler, QB
114. NC49erfan82 - Ryan Williams, RB
115. BoiseNiner - Lance Moore, WR
116. crzy - Stevan Ridley, RB
117. LA9erfan - Mike Williams, WR
118. MoistButtCheeks - Nate Washington, WR
119. SunDevilNiner79 - Ronnie Hillman, WR
120. Ninerjohn - Malcolm Floyd, WR

Round 11
121. Ninerjohn - Ravens, DST
122. SunDevilNiner79 - Steelers, DST
123. MoistButtCheeks - Brandon LaFell, WR
124. LA9erfan - Owen Daniels, TE
125. crzy - DeAngelo Williams, RB
126. BoiseNiner - Josh Freeman, QB
127. NC49erfan82 - Kendall Wright, WR
128. RonMexico - David Nelson, WR
129. jrg - Seahawks, DST
130. modninerfan - David Akers, K
131. vrabbit - Jacquizz Rodgers, RB
132. redrose49er - Bears, DST

Round 12
133. redrose49er - Joe Flacco, QB
134. vrabbit - Jets, DST
135. modninerfan - Matt Flynn, QB
136. jrg - Daniel Thomas, RB
137. RonMexico - Stephen Gostkowski, K
138. NC49erfan82 - Alex Smith, QB
139. BoiseNiner - Michael Bush, RB
140. crzy - Mark Ingram, RB
141. LA9erfan - Giants, DST
142. MoistButtCheeks - Sebastian Janikowski, K
143. SunDevilNiner79 - Matt Hasselbeck, QB
144. Ninerjohn - Brent Celek, TE

Round 13
145. Ninerjohn - Felix Jones, RB
145. SunDevilNiner79 - Isiah Pead, RB
147. MoistButtCheeks - Rashad Jennings, RB
148. LA9erfan - Pierre Thomas, RB
149. crzy - Santana Moss, WR
150. BoiseNiner - Vincent Brown, WR
151. NC49erfan82 - Michael Floyd, WR
152. RonMexico - Kyle Rudolph, TE
153. jrg - Mason Crosby, K
154. modninerfan - Chad Johnson, WR
155. vrabbit - LeGarrette Blount, RB
156. redrose49er - Jermaine Gresham, TE

Round 14
157. redrose49er - Dan Bailey, K
158. vrabbit - Matt Prater, K
159. modninerfan - Bills, DST
160. jrg - Laurent Robinson, WR
161. RonMexico - Robert Turbin, RB
162. NC49erfan82 - Delone Carter, RB
163. BoiseNiner - Green Bay, DST
164. crzy - Rashard Mendenhall, RB
165. LA9erfan - Matt Bryant, K
166. MoistButtCheeks - Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB
167. crzy (via SunDevilNiner79) - Santonio Holmes, WR
168. Ninerjohn - Reuben Randle, WR

Round 15
169. Ninerjohn - Robbie Gould, K
170. SunDevilNiner79 - Randy Bullock, K
171. MoistButtCheeks - Kevin Walter, WR
172. MoistButtCheeks (via LA9erfan) - Patriots, DST
173. crzy - Lions, DST
174. BoiseNiner - Jason Hanson, K
175. NC49erfan82 - Rob Bironas, K
176. RonMexico - Brian Quick, WR
177. jrg - Doug Baldwin, WR
178. modninerfan - Tim Hightower, RB
179. vrabbit - Emmanuel Sanders, WR
180. redrose49er- Mike Goodson, RB

Post-Draft Teams

Montana to Rice
QB Tony Romo, Robert Griffin lll
RB Arian Foster, Demarco Murray, Shonn Greene, Ben Tate, Felix Jones
WR Wes Welker, Percy Harvin, Eric Decker, Malcolm Floyd, Reuben Randle
TE Brent Celek
K Robbie Gould
DST Baltimore Ravens

QB Matthew Stafford, Matt Hasselbeck
RB LeSean McCoy, Steven Jackson, Jonathan Stewart, Ronnie Hillman, Isaih Pead, DeAngelo Williams
WR Marques Colston, DeSean Jackson, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Danny Amendola
TE Brandon Pettigrew
K Randy Bullock
DST Pittsburgh Steelers

Wild Koala Bears
QB Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisburger, Ryan Fitzpatrick
RB Darren Sproles, Willis McGahee, Rashad Jennings
WR Roddy White, Victor Cruz, Demaryius Thomas, Nate Washington, Brandon Lafell, Kevin Walter
TE Jared Cook
K Sebastian Janikowski
DST New England Patriots

Llamadeus (Lame ass Pete did not post his team)

QB Michael Vick
RB Ray Rice , Jamaal Charles, Issac Redman, Stevan Ridley, Mark Ingram, Rashard Mendenhall
WR Dez Bryant, Robert Meachem, Kenny Britt, Santana Moss, Santonio Holmes
TE Jimmy Graham, Antonio Gates
DST Detroit

QB Drew Brees, Josh Freeman
RB Reggie Bush, CJ Spiller, Donald Brown, David Wilson, Michael Bush
WR Greg Jennings, Miles Austin, Vincent Jackson, Lance Moore, Vincent Brown
TE Rob Gronkowski
K Jason Hanson
DST Green Bay Packers

QB Andy Dalton, Alex Smith
RB Maurice-Jones Drew, Doug Martin, Ryan Williams, Delone Carter
WR A.J. Green, Dwayne Bowe, Stevie Johnson, Randy Moss, Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright
TE Jacob Tamme
K Rob Bironas
DST 49ers

QB Eli Manning, Jay Cutler
RB Chris Johnson, Matt Forte, Peyton Hillis, Robert Turbin
WR Brandon Marshall, Jeremy Maclin, Greg Little, David Nelson, Brian Quick
TE Aaron Hernandez, Kyle Rudolph
K Stephen Gostkowski
DST Eagles

QB Phllip Rivers, Andrew Luck
RB Trent Richardson, Marshawn Lynch, Michael Turner, Daniel Thomas
WR Steve Smith, Brandon Lloyd, Justin Blackmon, Sidney Rice, Laurent Robinson, Doug Baldwin
TE Fred Davis
K Mason Crosby
DST Seattle

QB Tom Brady, Matt Flynn
RB Fred Jackson, Beanie Wells, Tim Hightower, Kendall Hunter
WR Andre Johnson, Hakeem Nicks, Michael Crabtree, Chad Johnson
TE Vernon Davis, Coby Fleener
K David Akers
DST Texans, Bills

Rabbit Me This
QB Peyton Manning, Matt Schaub
RB Adrian Peterson, Frank Gore, Benjarvus Green-Ellis, Jacquizz Rodgers, LeGarrette Blount
WR Larry Fitzgerald, Mike Wallace, Denarius Moore, Anquan Boldin, Emmanuel Sanders
TE Jason Witten
K Matt Prater
DST Jets

QB Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco
RB Ryan Matthews, Darren McFadden, Ahmad Bradshaw, Toby Gerhart, Mike Goodson
WR Jordy Nelson, Antonio Brown, Titus Young, Reggie Wayne
TE Tony Gonzalez, Jermaine Gresham
K Dan Bailey
DST Chicago Bears

2nd season Draft Results.

Post-draft trades from season 1:
10/19/12: crzy traded Michael Vick, 2013 1st and 6th round picks to modninerfan (YungAce) for Tom Brady, 2013 7th and 15th round picks. (15th round becomes 11th - last round)
--> This trade was not properly reflected in this year's draft and therefore crzy did not receive YungAce's 7th and 11th round picks, nor did YungAce receive crzy's 6th round pick. Therefore the following has been agreed to: crzy's 2014 6th round pick will go to YungAce and YungAce's 2014 7th round pick will go to crzy. Furthermore, crzy and YungAce will swap their 2014 11th round picks IF YungAce's pick is higher overall. Finally, crzy will receive YungAce's 131st overall pick this season which YungAce received as a result of pre-draft trade F (listed below).
9/23/12: crzy traded Stevan Ridley to redrose49er for Reggie Wayne
9/3/12: jrg (GameOver) traded Michael Turner to LA9erfan for Julio Jones
9/3/12: MoistButtCheeks (Rubberneck36) traded Willis McGahee, Ben Roethlisberger, and a 1st round pick to NC49erfan82 for Maurice Jones-Drew and a 3rd round pick

Pre-draft trades:
A) YungAce trades his 3rd round pick (25th overall) to BoiseNiner for Reggie Bush and his 11th round pick (124th overall).
B) redrose49er trades his 2nd round pick (17th overall) to vrabbit for Larry Fitzgerald and his 5th round pick (59th overall).
C) redrose49er trades his 1st round pick (8th overall) to Rubberneck36 for Darren Sproles and his 3rd round pick (33rd overall).
D) Ninerjohn trades Robert Griffin III and Wes Welker to RonMexico for Brandon Marshall.
E) crzy trades Jimmy Graham and his 11th round pick (128th overall) to Rubberneck36 for his 3rd round pick (via NC49erfan82 - 27th overall).
F) YungAce trades his 5th round pick (49th overall) to redrose49er for Darren McFadden. redrose49er forfeits his 11th round pick (128th overall) and YungAce will get a compensatory pick at the end of the draft.
G) Ninerjohn trades his 6th round pick (61st overall) to Rubberneck36 for Roddy White and his 10th round pick (112th overall).
H) redrose49er trades Stevan Ridley to SunDevilNiner79 for his 5th round pick (53rd overall). redrose 49er forfeits his 10th round pick (113th overall) and SunDevilNiner79 will get a compensatory pick at the end of the draft.
I) Gameover trades his 1st round pick (6th overall), 5th round pick (54th overall), 6th round pick (67th overall), and 2014 11th round pick to Rubberneck36 for his 2nd round pick (16th overall), 5th round pick (57th overall), 11th round pick (129th overall) and 2014 1st round pick.


YungAce - Reggie Bush, Darren McFadden, Andre Johnson, Hakeem Nicks
RonMexico - Robert Griffin III, Matt Forte, Chris Johnson, Wes Welker
NC49erfan82 - Colin Kaepernick, Doug Martin, Dwayne Bowe, AJ Green
BoiseNiner - Drew Brees, CJ Spiller, Randall Cobb, Rob Gronkowski
SunDevilNiner79 - Matthew Stafford, LeSean McCoy, Steven Jackson, Stevan Ridley
GameOver - Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson, Julio Jones, Marshawn Lynch
LA9erfan - Cam Newton, Calvin Johnson, Pierre Garcon, Alfred Morris
redrose49er - Matt Ryan, Darren Sproles, Larry, Fitzgerald, Jordy Nelson
Rubberneck36 - Aaron Rodgers, Maurice Jones-Drew, Demaryius Thomas, Jimmy Graham
crzy - Tom Brady, Jamaal Charles, Ray Rice, Dez Bryant
vrabbit - Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, Frank Gore, Jason Witten
Ninerjohn - Arian Foster, DeMarco Murray, Brandon Marshall, Roddy White

Draft Trades
1) crzy trades his 3rd round pick (27th overall, via Rubberneck36, via NC49erfan82), 4th round pick (39th overall), and 8th round pick (87th overall) to YungAce for his 2nd round pick (24th overall), 4th round pick (48th overall), and 8th round pick (96th overall).
2) YungAce trades his 4th round pick (39th overall, via crzy), 7th round pick (73rd overall), and 11th round pick (120th overall) to Ninerjohn for his 3rd round pick (36th overall), 7th round pick (84th overall), and 11th round pick (130th overall).
3) crzy trades his 5th round pick (58th overall) and 6th round pick (63rd overall) to redrose49er for his 5th round pick (49th overall, via YungAce) and 9th round pick (104th overall)
4) Ninerjohn trades his 8th round pick (85th overall) and 10th round pick (112th overall, via Rubberneck36) to Rubberneck36 for his 7th round pick (81st overall) and 11th round pick (128th overall, via crzy)


Round 1
1. YungAce - Russell Wilson, QB
2. RonMexico - Victor Cruz, WR
3. NC49erfan82 - Chris Ivory, RB
4. BoiseNiner - Lamar Miller, RB
5. SunDevilNiner79 - Vincent Jackson, WR
6. Rubberneck36 (via GameOver) - David Wilson, RB
7. LA9erfan - Danny Amendola, WR
8. Rubberneck36 (via redrose49er) - Montee Ball, RB
9. NC49erfan82 (via Rubberneck36) - James Jones, WR
10. YungAce (via crzy) - Tavon Austin, WR
11. vrabbit - Marques Colston, WR
12. Ninerjohn - Reggie Wayne, WR

Round 2
13. Ninerjohn - Le'Veon Bell, RB
14. vrabbit - Antonio Brown, WR
15. crzy - Percy Harvin, WR
16. Gameover (via Rubberneck36) - Cecil Shorts, WR
17. vrabbit (via redrose49er) - Tony Gonzalez, TE
18. LA9erfan - Ryan Matthews, RB
19. GameOver - Vernon Davis, TE
20. SunDevilNiner79 - Steve Smith (CAR), WR
21. BoiseNiner - Torrey Smith, WR
22. NC49erfan82 - Eddie Lacy, RB
23. RonMexico - Shane Vereen, RB
24. crzy (via YungAce) - Eric Decker, WR

Round 3
25. BoiseNiner (via YungAce) - Giovani Bernard, RB
26. RonMexico - Stevie Johnson, WR
27. YungAce (via crzy,via Rubberneck36, via NC49erfan82) - Mike Wallace, WR
28. BoiseNiner - TY Hilton, WR
29. SunDevilNiner79 - Danario Alexander, WR
30. GameOver - Kenny Britt, WR
31. LA9erfan - Greg Olsen, TE
32. redrose49er - Greg Jennings, WR
33. redrose49er (via Rubberneck36) - Kyle Rudolph, TE
34. crzy - Ahmad Bradshaw, RB
35. vrabbit - DeSean Jackson, WR
36. YungAce (via Ninerjohn) - Rashard Mendenhall, RB

Round 4
37. Ninerjohn - Tony Romo, QB
38. vrabbit - DeAngelo Williams, RB
39. Ninerjohn (via YungAce,via crzy) - Johnathan Franklin, RB
40. Rubberneck36 - Mike Williams, WR
41. redrose49er - Lance Moore, WR
42. LA9erfan - Pierre Thomas, RB
43. GameOver - Vick Ballard, RB
44. SunDevilNiner79 - Brandon Myers, TE
45. BoiseNiner - Andre Brown, RB
46. NC49erfan82 - Anquan Boldin, WR
47. RonMexico - Jermichael Finley, TE
48. crzy (via YungAce) - Miles Austin, WR

Round 5
49. crzy (via redrose49er via YungAce) - Michael Floyd, WR
50. RonMexico - Emmanuel Sanders, WR
51. NC49erfan82 - Jared Cook, TE
52. BoiseNiner - Josh Gordon, WR
53. redrose49er (via SunDevilNiner79) - BenJarvus Green-Ellis, RB
54. Rubberneck36 (via GameOver) - Kendall Wright, WR
55. LA9erfan - Ben Tate, RB
56. redrose49er - Danny Woodhead, RB
57. GameOver (via Rubberneck36) - Vincent Brown, WR
58. redrose49er (via crzy) - Daryl Richardson, RB
59. redrose49er (via vrabbit) - Isiah Pead, RB
60. Ninerjohn - Seahawks, DEF

Round 6
61. Rubberneck36 (via Ninerjohn) - 49ers, DEF
62. vrabbit - Mark Ingram, RB
63. redrose49er (via crzy) - Eli Manning, QB
64. Rubberneck36 - Bernard Pierce, RB
65. redrose49er - Bears, DEF
66. LA9erfan - Stephen Hill, WR
67. Rubberneck36 (via GameOver)- Ben Roethlisberger, QB
68. SunDevilNiner79 - Chris Givens, WR
69. BoiseNiner - Broncos, DEF
70. NC49erfan82 - Texans, DEF
71. RonMexico - Bengals, DEF
72. YungAce - Cordarrelle Patterson, WR

Round 7
73. Ninerjohn (via YungAce) - DeAndre Hopkins, WR
74. RonMexico - Ronnie Hillman, RB
75. NC49erfan82 - Joseph Randle, RB
76. BoiseNiner - Golden Tate, WR
77. SunDevilNiner79 - Kendall Hunter, RB
78. GameOver - Zac Stacy, RB
79. LA9erfan - Owen Daniels, TE
80. redrose49er - Aaron Dobson, WR
81. Ninerjohn ( via Rubberneck36) - Antonio Gates, TE
82. crzy - Sidney Rice, WR
83. vrabbit - Justin Blackmon WR
84. YungAce (via Ninerjohn) - Martellus Bennett, TE

Round 8
85. Rubberneck36 (via Ninerjohn )- Phil Dawson, K
86. vrabbit - Denarius Moore, WR
87. YungAce (via crzy) - Andy Dalton, QB
88. Rubberneck36 - Keenan Allen, WR
89. redrose49er - Stephen Gostkowski, K
90. LA9erfan - Matt Prater, K
91. GameOver - Josh Freeman, QB
92. SunDevilNiner79 - Josh Boyce, WR
93. BoiseNiner - Jonathan Stewart, RB
94. NC49erfan82 - Matt Schaub, QB
95. RonMexico - Alex Smith, QB
96. crzy (via YungAce) - Bryce Brown, RB

Round 9
97. YungAce - Marcel Reece, RB
98. RonMexico - Alshon Jeffery, WR
99. NC49erfan82 - Blair Walsh, K
100. BoiseNiner - Ryan Broyles, WR
101. SunDevilNiner79 - Jacquizz Rodgers, RB
102. GameOver - Sebastian Janikowski, K
103. LA9erfan - Michael Vick, QB
104. crzy (via redrose49er) - Brandon Pettigrew, TE
105. Rubberneck36 - LaMichael James, RB
106. crzy - Coby Fleener, TE
107. vrabbit - EJ Manuel, QB
108. Ninerjohn - Rueben Randle, RB

Round 10
109. Ninerjohn - Shonn Greene, RB
110. vrabbit - Patriots, DEF
111. crzy - Fred Jackson, RB
112. Rubberneck36 (via Ninerjohn, via Rubberneck36) - Mario Manningham, WR
XXX. redrose49er - FORFEITED, see pre-draft trade H
113. LA9erfan - Robert Woods, WR
114. GameOver - Joseph Morgan, WR
115. SunDevilNiner79 - Carson Palmer, QB
116. BoiseNiner - Matt Bryant, K
117. NC49erfan82 - Michael Bush, RB
118. RonMexico - Jordan Cameron, TE
119. YungAce - David Akers, K

Round 11
120. Ninerjohn (via YungAce) - Justin Tucker, K
121. RonMexico - Dan Bailey, K
122. NC49erfan82 - Vance McDonald, TE
123. YungAce (via BoiseNiner) - Mikel Leshoure, RB
124. SunDevilNiner79 - Steelers, DEF
125. GameOver - Rams, DEF
126. LA9erfan - Brandon LaFell, WR
XXX. redrose49er - FORFEITED, see pre-draft trade F
127. Gameover (via Rubberneck36) - Kenbrell Thompkins, WR
128. Ninerjohn (via Rubberneck36,via crzy) - Sam Bradford, QB
129. vrabbit - Michael Crabtree, WR
130. YungAce (via Ninerjohn) - Brian Hartline

Compensatory picks
131. crzy (via YungAce) - Roy Helu, RB
132. SunDevilNiner79 - Kyle Williams, WR

Post-Draft teams

QB Russell Wilson
RB Reggie Bush
RB Darren McFadden
WR Andre Johnson
WR Hakeem Nicks
TE Martellus Bennett
Flex Tavon Austin
K David Akers

BN Mike Wallace
BN Rashard Mendenhall
BN Cordarrelle Patterson
BN Andy Dalton
BN Marcel Reece
BN Mikel Leshoure
BN Brian Hartline


QB Robert Griffin III
RB Matt Forte
RB Chris Johnson
WR Victor Cruz
WR Wes Welker
TE Jermichael Finley
Flex Shane Vereen
K Dan Bailey
DEF Bengals

BN Stevie Johnson
BN Emmanuel Sanders
BN Ronnie Hillman
BN Alex Smith
BN Alshon Jeffery
BN Jordan Cameron


QB Colin Kaepernick
RB Doug MartinRB
Chris Ivory
WR AJ Green
WR Dwayne Bowe
TE Jared Cook
Flex James Jones
K Blair Walsh
DEF Texans

BN Eddie Lacy
BN Anquan Boldin
BN Joseph Randle
BN Matt Schaub
BN Michael Bush
BN Vance McDonald


QB Drew Brees
RB CJ Spiller
RB Lamar Miller
WR Randall Cobb
WR Torrey Smith
TE Rob Gronkowski
Flex Giovani Bernard
K Matt Bryant
DEF Broncos

BN TY Hilton
BN Andre Brown
BN Josh Gordon
BN Golden Tate
BN Jonathan Stewart
BN Ryan Broyles


QB Matthew Stafford
RB LeSean McCoy
RB Steven Jackson
WR Vincent Jackson
WR Steve Smith
TE Brandon Myers
Flex Stevan Ridley
DEF Steelers

BN Danario Alexander
BN Chris Givens
BN Kendall Hunter
BN Josh Boyce
BN Jacquizz Rodgers
BN Carson Palmer
BN Kyle Williams


QB Andrew Luck
RB Trent Richardson
RB Marshawn Lynch
WR Julio Jones
WR Cecil Shorts
TE Vernon Davis
Flex Kenny Britt
K Sebastian Janikowski
DEF Rams

BN Vick Ballard
BN Vincent Brown
BN Zac Stacy
BN Josh Freeman
BN Joseph Morgan
BN Kenbrell Thompkins


QB Cam Newton
RB Alfred Morris
RB Ryan Matthews
WR Calvin Johnson
WR Pierre Garcon
TE Greg Olsen
Flex Danny Amendola
K Matt Prater

BN Pierre Thomas
BN Ben Tate
BN Stephen Hill
BN Owen Daniels
BN Michael Vick
BN Robert Woods
BN Brandon LaFell


QB Matt Ryan
RB Darren Sproles
RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis
WR Larry Fitzgerald
WR Jordy Nelson
TE Kyle Rudolph
Flex Greg Jennings
K Stephen Gostkowski
DEF Bears

BN Lance Moore
BN Danny Woodhead
BN Daryl Richardson
BN Isiah Pead
BN Eli Manning
BN Aaron Dobson


QB Aaron Rodgers
RB Maurice Jones-Drew
RB David Wilson
WR Demaryius Thomas
WR Mike Williams
TE Jimmy Graham
Flex Montee Ball
K Phil Dawson
DEF 49ers

BN Kendall Wright
BN Bernard Pierce
BN Ben Roethlisberger
BN Keenan Allen
BN LaMichael James
BN Mario Manningham


QB Tom Brady
RB Jamaal Charles
RB Ray Rice
WR Dez Bryant
WR Eric Decker
TE Brandon Pettigrew
Flex Ahmad Bradshaw

BN Percy Harvin
BN Miles Austin
BN Michael Floyd
BN Sidney Rice
BN Bryce Brown
BN Coby Fleener
BN Fred Jackson
BN Roy Helu


QB Peyton Manning
RB Adrian Peterson
RB Frank GoreWR
Marques Colston
WR Antonio Brown
TE Jason Witten
Flex Tony Gonzalez
DEF Patriots
BN DeSean Jackson
BN DeAngelo Williams
BN Mark Ingram
BN Justin Blackmon
BN Denarius Moore
BN EJ Manuel
BN Michael Crabtree


QB Tony Romo
RB Arian Foster
RB DeMarco Murray
WR Roddy White
WR Brandon Marshall
TE Antonio Gates
Flex Reggie Wayne
K Justin Tucker
DEF Seahawks

BN Le'Veon Bell
BN Johnathan Franklin
BN DeAndre Hopkins
BN Rueben Randle
BN Shonn Greene
BN Sam Bradford

Draft Grades (per Yahoo!)
Montana to Rice (John) A+
Boise A+
RubsRubbers A
SprintRightOption (NC49er) A-
Rabbit Me This B+
RonMexico B
Redrose49er C+
Llamadeus C
Lynch Lucked Out (GO) C
crzy D
SunDevilNiner D
F*ck Carrots! (Yung) D
[ Edited by vrabbit on Jul 21, 2014 at 1:08 PM ]
wait nvm offline? i don't have time for that.

A little iffy about 3 WR's, but it's not that big of a deal if everyone wants that.
Originally posted by BoiseNiner:

A little iffy about 3 WR's, but it's not that big of a deal if everyone wants that.

yea that's still up for discussion so it's good to know you also feel that way like crzy does, not sure if Ron thinks the same

Most leagues I play in have 3 WR slots (WZ league, both fleaflicker leagues)
[ Edited by vrabbit on Jun 23, 2012 at 5:41 PM ]
I lean more towards 2 WR but I'm fine with 3

also what is the flex position going to be, WR/TE, WR/RB/TE?
Originally posted by RonMexico:
I lean more towards 2 WR but I'm fine with 3

also what is the flex position going to be, WR/TE, WR/RB/TE?

ok I'm keeping track of this

2WR: crzy, Boise, Ron
3WR: rabbit

and it'll be W/R/T
[ Edited by vrabbit on Jun 23, 2012 at 6:52 PM ]
  • crzy
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TWO WR please.
Originally posted by crzy:
TWO WR please.

what's your reasoning for only 2 WR? Just wondering

most leagues I've seen its always 3 WR..(I'm not in this league i just want to know your reasoning)
I would like two wide receivers as well
Does our idp get return yards I would hope so

Wait no idp?
Also I think the qb losing points for sacks should go and the sacks ints for defense should be set at 3.

I think flex should b wr rb te
[ Edited by MoistButtCheeks on Jun 23, 2012 at 9:46 PM ]
Originally posted by MoistButtCheeks:
I would like two wide receivers as well
Does our idp get return yards I would hope so

actually, IDP isn't a position yet as I haven't heard either way whether people would want one or not

2WR: crzy, Boise, Ron, Moist
3WR: rabbit
Originally posted by vrabbit:
Originally posted by MoistButtCheeks:
I would like two wide receivers as well
Does our idp get return yards I would hope so

actually, IDP isn't a position yet as I haven't heard either way whether people would want one or not

2WR: crzy, Boise, Ron, Moist
3WR: rabbit

Koo I vote for idp
Its more fun and one more thing to research which is part of the fun imo
I still vote against QB TD is 6 points. And vote for lowering kicker points.

I vote for

So I guess thats the 2 WR option?