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Trade help. Please?

Trade help. Please?

Someone in my league has offered me Josh Willingham (OF, MIN) and Mat Latos (SP, CIN) for Robinson Cano (NYY, 2B) and Drew Stubbs (OF, CIN).
I had originally proposed Stubbs and Martin Prado for Willingham and Latos and that was his counter offer.

I need another starting pitcher but is Cano worth giving up for that? I dont have any other 2B and the best available are probably Kipnis, Infante, or Kelly Johnson.
you'll end up on the obituaries section of your local newspaper 4 months from now, and it'll read: committed suicide due to making a HORRIBLE fantasy baseball trade
Thanks guys. I shot it down, I was thinking it was a pretty bad trade. I just dont follow baseball a whole lot so I needed a second opinion.
Just wondering if you any of you would trade Votto for any of the following guys...

Mike Napoli
Adrien Beltre
Derek Jeter
David Freese
David Ortiz
Dustin Pedroia

Any of them?
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