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Cam Newton and Steve Smith?

I have both Newton and Smith, and they are a big reason why I am in first place in my $50 league. (12 Team PPR) However, i cannot help but feeling that their bubble will burst (especially smith).

The current trade is on the table:

Phillip Rivers
Reggie wayne
Adrian Peterson


Cam Newton
Steve Smith
Nate Burleson

My current roster also includes Ryan Matthews, Gore, Welker, Jimmy Graham, MJD. I think this move would give me a lot of stability.


Does anybody else think splitting up Smith and Newton or trading both would be a good idea?

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That's tough but you already have three reliable RBs. Does he have any good receivers?
good point. If I am going to get a RB, I need to get rid of one...

Wayne is his best WR
Originally posted by notsoempty86:
good point. If I am going to get a RB, I need to get rid of one...

Wayne is his best WR

I wouldn't do it. You can get better
I got Adrian Peterson for Cameron Newton last week. I am not as doubtful about Newton as you are though. I think he is the real deal and then some. If my starting QB had not been Aaron Rodgers, I would have definitely kept Cam. He is a must-start every week.

Furthermore, you have the combo of Newton and Steve Smith. That is just deadly right there.

Reggie Wayne is done. Same condition as Marvin Harrison - Peyton made him great and now that he's gone, there is little value left. I would argue that Burleson is worth more at this point.

Gore and Matthews are solid backs to carry you through the year. People seem so obsessed with RB depth, but in a league that is full of backs splitting carries, they are worth less and less every season.

What is your record like right now? Are you having trouble winning? Otherwise I would not accept this trade.
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im 6-1. in first place
Don't do it. Reggie wayne is trash without manning..

The only reason I WOULD do it, is because at some point Philip rivers has to catch on fire, he has been on fire at some point every season.
Yeah stay put
Originally posted by notsoempty86:
im 6-1. in first place

In that case put the gun away. You're just fine right now.
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