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How are you a true fan to a team if you play fantasy?

I take consolation in Fantasy if my 49ers are getting blown out and the players on the other team are owned by me. It's a win-win.
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The REALITY is us 9er making the playoffs is a FANTASY!

Thus, us having more fun doing fantasy.

On a semi-more serious note. It's not that we ROOT against the 9ers. It's that we expect a certain player to do good. Like another poster said, if we win, good if we don't and that player does good. Well hey, it's not all lost.
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I never draft players from within the niners division...

No matter what.

Not even freeagent wire.
I used to bench players if they were going against the 49ers.

This season I still do that, but more because of the fact that I have the 49ers D/ST starting.

Best waiver pickup I made this year.
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There's rooting for 1 player on the other team to do good and then there's rooting for a whole team to win.

So let's say you got DeSean Jackson on your fantasy team and he catches an 80 yard TD against us, you'd be happy, right? I'm sorry, but I personally just can't consider that line of thinking/mindset as representing legitimate "fanhood." I don't even care if you hope the Niners win- something that decreases those chances would cause my mind that's casual fanhood at best.

way to take it too seriously...

If i have a player facing SF, like Witten last week, I hope for a Niners win and a big day for Witten. in the end all that matters is wins. The way i see it, its a benefit. Someone who had Miles Austin last week probably took the loss a little better than everyone else. If someone has to kill the Niners, it might as well be your guy.

it can be a weird feeling to not be super pissed when someone on the opposing team scores, but you get used to it. I remember years ago I had Keenan McCardell back when he was on the Bucs, and in a game against the Niners, he caught a 90+ yard TD pass, but we still beat them pretty soundly. it was win/win.

He's just jealous because he cant experience the same joy we do knowing that at least our fantasy team kicked ass that week.

thats the only think that kept me from being depressed on Sundays the last 8 years.
Here is the best way I can put it. The Niners losing causes me pain. Winning in fantasy dulls the pain a little.
hope they do it all in garbage time. lol.
A 49er win is much more important than my fantasy team winning, and I would always prefer the 49ers win. However, fantasy football makes other games more interesting on Sunday, and if I do have players playing against the 49ers I still root for the 49ers and hope other players on my team step up. Also, all you can really do is sit back and watch the game, who you are rooting for has no impact on the actual outcome and if the 49ers lose and my fantasy team wins..... it helps.........a little.
I benched Vick for that very reason this week. Fantasy wise it turned out to be very stupid on my behalf. I agree there's a conflict of interest.

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