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Gore for Beanie

Normally I can make my own decisions without help but somebody just offered me Gore for Beanie Wells. My gut says jump on it (I am weak at RB with Blount, Wells, Moreno/McGahee, Starks, and Lynch) and, a minor point, but I could keep Wells next year whereas I could not keep Gore. Thoughts?

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Keep Beanie Wells.

Gore doesn't have much left and Beanie looks good.

If you want to succeed in fantasy football, stay away from 49er offensive players.
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Here's my advice (from a Gore owner): No.
Well that's a clean 3-for-3 on the NO side. Thanks guys - much appreciated. I think being a Niner fan gets in the way of better FF judgment which is why I normally don't draft them on my team.
s**t, I would do it.
Originally posted by vrabbit:

Maybe it's the 9er fan in me but I still see Gore as a potential stud in FF (all though he never scores enough). I see that as a pretty tough decision.
I just don't believe in Beanie Wells, not one bit. I would rather take my chances with Gore any day of the week.
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