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What are your records?

7-1 this week. Great records in most leagues because my #1 pick Rodgers
Two money leagues


Leader in both divisions.
Originally posted by vrabbit:
Originally posted by vrabbit:
Originally posted by vrabbit:
Originally posted by vrabbit:
7 leagues, won in all 7 of them

Yahoo - WZ Football: 1-0
Yahoo - Money league: 1-0
Yahoo - Webzone Suckaz!: 1-0
Fleaflicker - Parking Lot Crew: 1-0
Fleaflicker - Post Whore: 1-0
NFL - BCS Champions: 1-0
Dynasty League: 1-0

and just for a bonus, I also won in my college football league this week, so I was 8-0 this weekend!

CBS Sports - If You Ain't Payin' You Ain't Tryin': 1-1

not a good week

Yahoo - WZ Football: 1-1
Yahoo - Money league: 1-1
Yahoo - Webzone Suckaz!: 1-1
Fleaflicker - Parking Lot Crew: 2-0
Fleaflicker - Post Whore: 1-1
NFL - BCS Champions: 2-0
Dynasty League: 1-1
CBS Sports - If You Ain't Payin' You Ain't Tryin': 2-1

3-5 week

if you're facing me this week I feel sorry for you

told y'all I'd bounce back

Yahoo - WZ Football: 1-2
Yahoo - Money league: 2-1
Yahoo - Webzone Suckaz!: 2-1
Fleaflicker - Parking Lot Crew: 3-0
Fleaflicker - Post Whore: 2-1
NFL - BCS Champions: 3-0
Dynasty League: 2-1
CBS Sports - If You Ain't Payin' You Ain't Tryin': 3-1

7-1 Week

Yahoo - WZ Football: 1-3
Yahoo - Money league: 3-1
Yahoo - Webzone Suckaz!: 2-2
Fleaflicker - Parking Lot Crew: 4-0
Fleaflicker - Post Whore: 3-1
NFL - BCS Champions: 4-0
Dynasty League: 3-1
CBS Sports - If You Ain't Payin' You Ain't Tryin': 3-2

5-3 week
Yahoo - WZ Football: 1-4
Yahoo - Money league: 3-2 (if I had only started Ford - returns league )
Yahoo - Webzone Suckaz!: 3-2
Fleaflicker - Parking Lot Crew: 5-0
Fleaflicker - Post Whore: 4-1
NFL - BCS Champions: 5-0
Dynasty League: 3-2
CBS Sports - If You Ain't Payin' You Ain't Tryin': 3-3 (jimrat you little B )
ESPN (Previously back to back champion): 1-4. Really deep and complicated roster. Hopefully this gets better with bye weeks, as I have good depth. Also have some recent pickups I hope continue to produce, Victor Cruz and Andre Johnson.

Yahoo: 3-2. This is a really simple league that I barely keep track of. 8 teams and very small rosters.
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4-1 big money league. I have no idea how, the team is mediocre at best
1-4 small money but long time league. Never recovered from losing Charles, my depth didn't pan out either, but I have 4 of the top 8 WRS, no flex and no one will trade.
4-4 this week. Its gonna be ugly thru the bye weeks for me. Now I only have 1 undefeated team
0-3 this week.

Overall records:


Yikes. Hoping the wins starting popping up now since I had so many guys on bye weeks last week. Some good luck would help as well.
Money league I am 4-1, first place, and points leader.

My team kicks ass, particularly my RB's with Lesean McCoy, Ray Rice, and Fred Jackson starting (with McGahee and Tolbert backing them up). Wr's are only decent, but Rackers and the Niners D are helping as well.

3-2 this past weekend. I've got depth on all my teams though so I am feeling good about getting through the rest of the byes.

5-2 - (2nd Overall of 12)

2-5 - (15th Overall of 20)

5-2 - (2nd Overall of 10) - $$$

3-3 - (3rd Overall of 4)

3-4 - (6th Overall of 10) - $$$
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5-2 now. I had a heck of a week.

I have Brees, AP, Wallace, S.Smith, Colston, Witten, Saints D, etc. needless to say I won.
2-5 - ESPN

5-2 - Yahoo. Just knocked off the only undefeated team
5-3 lost to our only undefeated player even though he had Rodgers and Forte on byes because Welker, Nicks, and Gates combined for 16 points :/

Rate my lineup(standard QB 2RB 2WR TE K DST format):

I'm only in one league this year, I was 5-0:

then the pats had a bye week...
Then the Packers had a bye week....

I'm 5-2 so far.
2-6 and 6-2