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Waiver Claim Receiver? (Danny Amendola injured)

Waiver Claim Receiver? (Danny Amendola injured)

Lost Danny Amendola for the year and need another guy on my team for some depth and maybe play flex from time to time.

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Went with Jacoby Jones, as Kevin Walter will be out for a while. The other three are just really inconsistent. Although Colston will be out for a few weeks, you never know who will get more looks on the Saints.
Now they are saying Amendola will be back around the bye week in week 5.
The only one of those guys in my league that was available was Henderson. So I picked him up.

I'm still pretty nervous about my WRs though (Roddy, Holmes, Roy Williams, Garcon, Henderson). Seems like Garcon isn't going to do anything this year. Thinking about dropping him and picking up Early Doucet.

Doucet seems like another guy worth considering in deeper leagues.
Meachem. I would have taken him over Amendola to begin with anyway.
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