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Fantasy Defense Thread

Hey guys, I couldn't find a similar thread so here goes..

I currently have BAL def and SF def (it was an autodraft)

Who should I play?

The defense for this league is pretty generous
sack 1
int 2
FR 2
TD 6
safety 2
0 pts 15
1-6 pts 12
7-13 10
14-20 5

I am thinking BAL because it will take a few games for SF to gel, but SEA offense has looked terrible thus far and are starting two rookies on the OL

What everyone think?
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SF. Pitt is loaded on offense. Seattle is more likely to TO and get sacked. Scoring will likely be low in both games.
SF. Easy
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Well, I'd say Balt. Even though Roethlisberger looks like he's playing great right now. Balt still has a better chance to hold Pitt to 13 or less than SF has to hold Sea under 21. Just the point difference between that would lean me towards Balt. Then throw in Ben's tendacies to hold on to the ball too long.

Last year
week 4: 14 pts (without Ben)
week 13 (i belive) they scored 13 points (with Ben)
playoffs: while it did end up being a shootout with Pitt scoring 24 2nd half points. (31 total) Balt still had 5 sacks and 2 turnovers.

Until you see our defense plays I say the safe pick is Balt.
Thanks for the input. I think I am going to go with SF. Just have a good feeling about this game.
packers defense vs. NO, or SF?
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Originally posted by Janitor:
packers defense vs. NO, or SF?

Originally posted by modninerfan:
Originally posted by Janitor:
packers defense vs. NO, or SF?


That's what I'm feeling too. Pack D is great, but so is NO. Seattle has a crappy offense, and Rice might not even play. Niners D is at least solid on the line.
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