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Roast my team!!! (14 Team PPR League)

C/mon, lets hear your best burrrnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

The Basics: It is PPR league, 10 points per 100 yards rushing/receiving, 5 points per 100 yards passing. Everything else is pretty standard, but defenses can score more points than most normal leagues, so you want an elite one with a nice return game.

QB Bradford/McNabb (We play one QB, but I will use them based on match ups)
RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis
RB/WR Brandon Marshall
WR Larry Fitzgerald
WR Greg Jennings
TE JerMichael Finley
D/ST Eagles
K David Akers

Depth: Reggie Bush, Darren Sproies, Roy Helu, Ben Tate, Michael Crabtree, Eddie Royal, Brent Celek

AT RB, I'm hoping one of my guys gets hot. I think Bush might be a monster for PPR if he an stay healthy. Time will tell.
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For a 14 team league, it looks pretty decent. Don't really like your QBs at all, but I think your 3 solid WRs will make up that loss since it is a PPR league. Like Finley even though you have Jennings because they are such a passing offense. RBs are definitely week, but like you said Bush might have a great year.
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