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Rate my team

Rate my team

6 team league. I had the second pick. Rate my team please.
Kind of hard to rate a 6 team league. Every team looks legit
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What do you guys think about my RBs?
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Your team looks ridiculously good, but it's a 6 team league.
6 team league?? Lol wtf
Originally posted by FaithInJH:
6 team league?? Lol wtf

Just a group of close friends league. 20 dollars buy in, 120 dollar pot
I mean I like your team a lot, but most 6 league teams are stacked. Your RBs are great. I especially like Felix Jones on the bench. Good insurance if Gore gets hurt.
I am currently 1-2.

All my running backs are not doing s**t for me so far. I dropped Charles for Tate.

Gore is playing like a joke and so is Turner.

Should I pick up Hunter??
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