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College Football Fantasy League - Year 3 - NEED 4 MORE OWNERS

oh, and my bench is gonna outscore some teams this week

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Yeah, Probably mine.
I wish, had I left RG3 and Randle on my starting lineup this would be a blowout
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Pulled one off on teeoh and his all injured team.
Originally posted by jimrat201:
Pulled one off on teeoh and his all injured team.

I lost ? I have injured players?
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Originally posted by toeknee:
Originally posted by jimrat201:
Pulled one off on teeoh and his all injured team.

I lost ? I have injured players?

I think so, last I checked it was 182- 180 and it looked like you had hurt players not playing.
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They got some whack scoring on CBS, it showed a guy on my team that was injured and was iffy on playing and it showed no stats on him in the scoring but I clicked on his profile and it said he rushed for 125 yards in the 1st game.
ok, NOW I'm gonna look into this
from the Help Center in the home page

We receive many questions about when statistics on our site become official. Please note that live scoring stats you see during games are NOT official. We receive our official stat feed from Elias Sports Bureau by 9am the morning following games being played. Please note that occasionally the NFL will make an official scoring change within a day or more after games are played. If we receive the scoring change by Friday morning on weeks that there are Sunday and Monday games, or Thursday in weeks there is a Thursday game, the adjustment will be counted and stats and standings adjusted accordingly. Anything we receive after that is not included. In the Football Commissioner product, the commissioner can still include these changes by using the ADUST SCORING feature at the bottom of the LIVE SCORING page.
Please remember that live scoring is unofficial and for entertainment purposes only. When the statistics are processed the next morning and the statistical discrepancy remains, then there is a problem. Should this occur, document the problem, provide a specific example and we will work to correct this immediately. The live scoring statistics are updated manually and subject to human error. The statistics section will contain the current official statistics report the following morning after games are played. If you believe there is a Live Scoring issue, please wait to see if it is correct the next day. Occasionally there are small discrepancies and they are taken care of immediately. If you believe a descrepancy remains please Ask a Question via the help center for additional assistance.

but it's already past 9am, I'm getting on top of this
worst case scenario I can adjust the scoring myself, but by all accounts it seems cbs will get it right, but scratch the word "live" from live scoring

yeah the scoring is definately off.

but i think i lose anyway, gotta do some waiver work
I hate their set up, can't they spare some money to make it better to use?
sure looks like now that it's all said and done the scoring is accurate

good game Cold Fan, won't even b***h about benching RG3 anymore since you had a high-scoring QB on the bench yourself
also I switched the Max QB's in the roster from 3 to 4 at the request of some folks in the league, and well the request makes sense, if you have 2 starting QB's you should be able to have 2 bench.

all 3 of my qb's are on a bye this week
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Rate my Team. 12 team league. 1/2 ppr. qb/rb/rb/wr/wr/flex/te/def/k. I had the #2 pick.

Philip Rivers
Chris Johnson
Ahmad Bradshaw
Kenny Britt
Mike Williams (Tampa)
Reggie Bush (flex)
Antonio Gates-
David Akers
No defense picked up. Will play weekly matchups. All the top defenses were taken.

Eli Manning
Antonio Brown
James Starks
Jacoby Ford
Sidney Rice
Ryan Torrain
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