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So How'd You Do This Year?

I thought I'd do much better, I had five teams this year and kind of tanked at the end of the season: finished 5th out of 10, had a bad draft and wasn't expecting anything more Dynasty: finished 3rd out of 10, thought I'd win it year but didn't have depth at RB to make up for Gore's injury finished 5th out of 10, didn't make 4-team playoff, had a crappy draft and was expecting worse
Yahoo (office): finished 3rd (would have won if Rodgers played Week 15)
Yahoo (friends): Won championship, salvage a disappointing year overall

So how'd everyone else do?
I did one league with 11 other guys. Finished 2nd during the regular season. However what ended up killing me was:

I had Romo, then picked up kitna (who got injured in the first half last weekend)

I have MJD who didn't play last weekend.

I have Orton who got injured and then benched and didn't play last weekend.

Last weekend was our semi-final week. The guy I played more than doubled me up. I am now playing for 3rd place and to make it fun my buddy and I are going to make a kicker's dual. No QB's, RB's, WR's etc. Garrett Hartley vs Matt Bryant. It'll be epic.
Only had 1 team this year, got killed by injuries/guys way underperforming.

Next year I will make at least 2 teams.
I play in two leagues. Won one. Had possibly the worst FF team ever assembled in the other. It seems like every year I have a good team and a bad team - I only put effort into the good one, so its kind of a self fulfilling prophecy.

And Vick was on the winning team in both leagues.
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2 leagues. 2 3rd's
RednGold's family league = 1st
Work Money League = 3rd
Any Given Sunday = 3rd
Parking Lot Crew = 4th
WZ Football = 5th
Yahoo WZ First Place
NFL Webzone2 Second Place
Any Given Sunday 5th Place
WZ football nfl, Fincham's league, my super bowl league = CHAMPION

I don't know how I did in the wz yahoo league, like 10th place or something
Big League 3rd
Any Given Sunday 9th
Post Whores 11th
League with other friends week 17 championship
League with other friends 5th
f**king failure all across the board.

Parking Lot Cew - #4
Postwhore's Leauge - #12 (dead last! )

I did 7 leagues. I will never do it again -- you really can't even root for your team it sucks.

STILL in the championship game in one (it's a 2-week championship wtf). I'm up by 30 points.

2nd in teeohh's league.
9th in WZ (Yahoo)
8th in WZ (
5th in another
3rd in another
and bad in the Any Given Suday one. Lower half.

I think I'm only going to do 4 or so next year.
I lost in the championship in one league (11-2 record)
I had Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, MJD, Jamaal Charles, Vernon, and Roddy White !

and 8th in another league (6-8 record)
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4 Leagues (3 WZ 1 Non-WZ)

Championship (WZ NFFL VI)

4th Place (WZ Post Whore's League)

7th Place (Non-WZ)

12th Place (WZ Parking Lot Crew)
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Originally posted by zillabeast:
f**king failure all across the board.
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