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Last nights game f**kED ME!

Not only has this team f**ked me as being a first year season ticket holder, getting my emotions up... the huge disappointment of the entire season, qb situation, oc coordinator, head coach etc... but last nights game was the straw that broke the camels back...

The f**kING Niners actually may be responsible for getting me knocked out of the playoffs.... The f**ker I played Started Rivers and Chargers D... and is now beating me 66-0

By the looks of it... things are looking that good... f**k YOU NINERS!!! Oh and to top it off... I had to drop Gore and pick up Ivory who I now have on my bench too!

My Team
QB Joe Flacco, Bal QB NO » Sun 1:00 --
RB Cedric Benson, Cin RB Cle » Sun 1:00 --
RB/WR Brandon Marshall, Mia WR Buf » Sun 1:00 --
RB/WR Ricky Williams, Mia RB Buf » Sun 1:00 --
WR/TE Santana Moss, Was WR @Dal » Sun 1:00 --
WR/TE Jason Witten, Dal TE Was » Sun 1:00 --
D/ST Seahawks D/ST, Sea D/ST Atl » Sun 4:05 --
K Matt Bryant, Atl K @Sea » Sun 4:05 --

Points: 0

Bench Austin Collie, Ind WR P Jac » Sun 1:00 --
Bench Cowboys D/ST, Dal D/ST Was » Sun 1:00 --
Bench Jay Cutler, Chi QB @Min » Mon 8:30 --
Bench Marcedes Lewis, Jac TE @Ind » Sun 1:00 --
Bench Blair White, Ind WR Jac » Sun 1:00 --
Bench Lance Moore, NO WR @Bal » Sun 1:00 --
Bench Chris Ivory, NO RB Q @Bal » Sun 1:00 --

Bench Points: 0

My Opponent's team
QB Philip Rivers, SD QB SF » W 34-7 34
RB Michael Turner, Atl RB @Sea » Sun 4:05 --
RB/WR Hines Ward, Pit WR NYJ » Sun 4:15 --
RB/WR Sidney Rice, Min WR Chi » Mon 8:30 --
WR/TE Terrell Owens, Cin WR Q Cle » Sun 1:00 --
WR/TE Derrick Mason, Bal WR Q NO » Sun 1:00 --
D/ST Chargers D/ST, SD D/ST SF » W 34-7 31
K Ryan Succop, KC K @StL » Sun 1:00 --

Points: 65


Bench Ronnie Brown, Mia RB Buf » Sun 1:00 --
Bench Steve Breaston, Ari WR Q @Car » Sun 1:00 --
Bench Vikings D/ST, Min D/ST Chi » Mon 8:30 --
Bench Donald Driver, GB WR @NE » Sun 8:20 --
Bench Mario Manningham, NYG WR Q Phi » Sun 1:00 --
Bench Patrick Crayton*, SD WR O SF » W 34-7 --
Bench Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buf QB @Mia » Sun 1:00 --

Bench Points: 0
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I have Vincent Jackson on the bench.
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Originally posted by Chief:
I have Vincent Jackson on the bench.

No offense, but I'm surprised your team made the playoffs.

I mean, you're starting the Seattle defense?! The one that got shredded by our AWFUL offense for 41 points. Against ATL?
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I had Seattle defense in one league and Vincent Jackson in another league starting. Thursday night game was just fine for me as far as fantasy football is concerned.

U know whats funny though? I was on my honeymoon and couldn't make the draft, so my boy (who has little FFF knowledge) drafted my team. I made few key transactions and got lucky I guess.

Well I ended up winning despite the Niners f**king me... my team BLEW UP!... AND i ended up sitting Benson and S Moss for R Williams and L Moore... which was like a 33 point swing... Not to mention Cutler on the bench had 30 and I started Flacco who gave me 18. I still won with 127 but woulda had like 174 or something...

Oh Well... I'm in the superbowl with this crappy ass team... hey Maybe the Niners do have a shot.. lol
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