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Who to pick up? Who to drop?

Well I'm in second place in my division and need to win these last to games to make my wild card spot. I lost Gore last night and really have no back up RB. I know picking up Westbrook seems logical but I have a feeling someone with a worse record will grab him before me. Who would you pick up and drop off my roster

Pickups: Best FAs Available
Westbrook (Hoping no one grabs him)


QB: Orton, Schaub
RB: Gore, Foster, Best
WR:TO, Bowe, Jennings, Crabtree, Floyd, Mike Williams (TB)
TE: Dressen, Miller, Hernandez

I want to try and grab Westbrook, Stewart, & Dixon. Thinking of dropping Gore, Hernandez, & Miller. Thoughts?
Grab Wesbrook and Stewart.

If Westbrook is gone, Stewart and Morrs IMO
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Stewart is the best option.
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