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I'm torn this week (help needed)

Okay gentlemen, so the fantasy league I'm in awards one point per reception, one point per ten yards receiving and of course six points for a touchdown. So, this week I already have Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson in my line up so who should be my third receiver?

I have Mike Thomas who has performed well the last couple of weeks and benefits by not having Sims-Walker starting opposite him this week like last week so should see the bulk of the throws with M. Lewis, as he becomes the default number one receiver. Jags play the Giants.


Deion Branch who plays the lions. Branch is coming off back to back seven reception games but the problem with the Pats is they seem to always pass to the tightends in the red zone.


Sidney Rice. Usually this seems like a no-brainer, but Rice is returning from a long absense this season with minimal practice. So their may be some more recovery time needed to get back in the swing of things. Vikings play Redskins though, who have a weak pass defense.

So who do I start?

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mike thomas
I don't like the Jags match-up vs. the Giants for Thomas.

I think Rice is still a bit of a risk, but very good upside. He lead the team in targets last week, and with the injuries plauging their WR core, I wouldn't be surprised to see him put up some nice numbers.

I vote Rice.
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Mike Thomas

I don't trust Brett Favre
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