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Need an owner for a money league drop out(already paid)

FREE, the dude paid at the start of the season and dropped out.
2 Keeper leagues, one 12 teams one 10 teams.
2 teams.
Both leagues have the same rules.
IDP's (defensive players)
If you win you get the pot that is already paid for.

Both teams are at the bottom of their divisions so obviously it would be hard to make the playoffs at this point... but possible. If you like the league you can stay for the next season and pick your keepers, be part of the live draft. The yearly cost is $25 for NFFL Gold and $100 for NFFL Platinum.
[ Edited by Chief on Nov 5, 2010 at 7:50 AM ]
Spots filled, can't believe no one here wanted a chance to make close to a $1000 for nothing but playing fantasy football.
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