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Trade Advice and i will be forever grateful

I lost Dallas Clark and I have been struggling for TE

Here is my Roster

Vick, Freeman

Gore, Jackson, Lynch and Blount

Nicks, J Knox, Mike Williams, Mike Williams, Holmes

Moeaki, Tamme

some defense

who cares kicker

I am offering Lynch for Hernandez (he needs a RB and has Witten)

am I giving up too much


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Which Jackson RB do you have?
Originally posted by DaManRathman:
Which Jackson RB do you have?

steven jackson
man don't be trading for no Hernandez. Drop those bum TE's and pick up a FA guy. Who's available?

I think you would be giving up too much.

Your RB group would really be thin with Gore's bye week coming up and S. Jacksons questionable status with his injured hand.
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