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Dallas Clark could be out for the season... Who wins?

I think jacob Tamme will be a top ten TE from here on out

He is a dallas Clark clone who excels at recieving and will get a ton of open looks. and peyton always throw to the open guy
Alright, so I'm taking kind of a risk here. I realized that WR was the most significant hole in my roster, and that getting one more legit WR2/3 was top priority. This week I think I have a pretty big advantage over my opponent, and I'm alone in first place, so I can gamble a little.

So, with all that in mind, I dropped my only kicker and picked up Gonzalez. I now have both Blair White and Anthony Gonzalez. I know it's a little crazy, but I think having just one weekend to assess how they're used will help a lot. Then if one isn't getting looks I can drop him for a kicker next week.

Does this strategy make sense to anyone, or have I let my WR greed damage my brain?
I didn't watch the Colts/Texans game (to busy watching THE GIANTS WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!), but it looks from the stat sheet like White is not going to be the guy to step up.

Anyone watch the game? Any thoughts on whether or not either Gonzalez or White are worth hanging onto?
I hope you all picked up Tamme
Originally posted by LundyLove:
I hope you all picked up Tamme

I didn't. Which is even more stupid because I had Finley and no back up plan. So I ended up trading for Tamme. I gave up the NYG D (I had Philly D as well) and Reggie Bush.

So now I have Blair White and Tamme. I'm not sure if I'll start White this week. It's between White and Gaffney for my WR3 slot.
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I got me some Tamme

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Originally posted by dman:
I got me some Tamme

Doing wonders for my team too
he's listed as questionable right now with a back injury. does anyone know the extent of the injury and is he gonna start?
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