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Help me work a trade.

So I'm 2-4 so far, largely because I'm screwed at QB. I have Farvre, Carson Palmer, and Chad Henne (we only start one).

I'm second on the waiver wire and have a pick up of Kevin Kolb pending.

A guy in my league has Vick and Eli Manning both have their buys in week 8, so he's told me to make him an offer for either one.

If I landed Kolb I wouldn't mind trading for Vick and letting Andy Reid decide who I start each week. But I'm not sure what to offer for him. (I don't really like trades, and have only done a few small ones up until now)

Here's what I have:
QB: Farvre, Palmer, Henne (start one)
WR: Calvin Johnson, Hines Ward, Terrell Owens, Nate Washington (Start two)
RB: Adrian Peterson, Joseph Addai, Reggie Bush, Brandon Jacobs, Jonathan Stewart (Stewert is soon to be dropped for Kolb) (start two)
TE: Brandon Pettigrew, John Carlson (start one)
(also need to fill two flex spots, a RB/WR and a RB/WR/TE)

He has:
QB: Mike Vick, Eli Manning
WR: Roddy White, Miles Austin, Donald Driver, Kevin Walter, Jacoby Jones
RB: Ray Rice, LaDainian Tomlinson, Felix Jones, Darren Sproles, Donald Brown
TE: Tony Gonzales, Owen Daniels
(it's a PPR league)

I was thinking of offering him
his pick of my QB's along with one of my #2 players (ie Ward, Owens, or Bush. If Nate Washington has a big night tonight I could see throwing him out there, otherwise I'm worried it would just tick him off.

Again I don't like/do trades much but I need to fix QB, without hurting another position too much. This could be my opportunity to salvage the season. Any thoughts???
So looking a little more I'm thinking maybe...

Farvre and Reggie Bush for Vick


Palmer and Addai for Vick

This would leave me VERY thin at RB especially if I give him Addai but I'm pretty convinced I can't compete well with my QB situation the way it is.

Thoughts... please
I'd start with giving him the option of taking any quarterback that he wants straight up for Vick.

Not only is he screwed with the bye week he's also got to worry about Kolb taking the job outright. Start low and see when he budges. As long as Kolb is the starter the balls in your court.
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