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Selling Chris Johnson

QB- Cutler/Vick
RB- Foster
RB- Matthews
WR- Marshall
WR- Maclin/Knox
TE- Finley

Trade: CJ and Maclin for Desean and LT
Bad trade
No no no no no
I would advise against this trade.

Ur upgrade would DJ over JM, but with Vick out, DJ's numbers are going to take a big hit, and who knows when, and how effective Vick will be, upon his return.

Plus, you already have Finley, and that guy is a STUD. Your receiving department is not bad, no need to take a hit in ur RBs to upgrade.

CJ has a few lackluster games and people want to jump ship. I don't get it!

Seriously, that's not a good trade. I really don't think LT is going to keep putting up good numbers all year. And he will always be sharing the backfield with Greene.

Keep CJ.
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