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pick up Crabtree? Help!!!

My team is

Cutler/Vince Young
Calvin Johnson/Anquan Boldin/Jacoby Jones/Sidney Rice
Ryan Matthews/Mike Tolbert/Knowshon Moreno/Cadillac/Michael Bush/Justin Forsett
Jermichael Finley

No flex, because of injuries to 3 of my RB's I had to make a trade, Mike Williams (TB) for Frosett....

Now Crabs is available, who to drop? Im thinking Caddy.

Need a little help here....should I pick up Crabs and drop Caddy or someone else?

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Yeah, you could use depth at WR. Obviously Crabtree hasn't lived up to expectations but I think it's worth the risk to have him on your roster to see if he can turn it around. If your willing to wait for Sidney Rice than adding Crabtree seems like a no brainer.

About who to drop? It's between either Caddy or Michael Bush. I'll say Bush because it looks like McFadden has taken the starting job and ran away with it. Bush might get some carries here and there but I have a hard time seeing him taking away to many touches from McFadden at this point.

With Caddy, I would just take the wait and see approach. He still has value because he's a starter at this point. I own Caddy in one of my leagues and I'll just wait it out until we get a clearer picture on what's going on with the Tampa Bay RB situation.
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