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Parking Lot Crew league 5 likely need 1 new owner

f**k it ill tether at the giants game
U guys ready for the draft tomorrow night? I'm going over my gameplan in war room as we speak.
Anyone know why FleaFlicker removed its iphone app?
hope I do well tonight
Originally posted by RonMexico:
f**k it ill tether at the giants game

I'm so ready
Draft room open
laptop needs to do some kind of update to open up the draft window for me

10 minutes
You have 7
join fey gets
garce with the number 1 pick doesnt show up

good job

I have a friend who would probably take a team over if your serious about getting new owners.
Sorry about the auto draft, had to go to a wedding but I set my rankings and got most of the players I wanted.

Liking my team
Sorry I missed it as well. Work.
I'm kinda digging my team. I wanted more RBs but I'm fine with it.
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