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Parking Lot Crew league 5 likely need 1 new owner

Rivers can suck my dick

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Wow....I have never seen the Raiders make Rivers look this bad....
RonMexico, I sent you a trade offer on the fantasy site. Check it out.`
clinched a 1st round bye
I'm bout to tear somebody's ass up in the playoff baby.........#5 seed
The champ is in the house!
Horrible luck his year. Oh well, that's fantasy sports for you. Good luck to all in the playoffs.
Made the playoffs - with McFadden and Fred Jackson on the roster and 0-4 start. I love this team!!!
Originally posted by vrabbit:

so, who's DeToN8orz?
Originally posted by vrabbit:
I'm making the playoffs next season!
I am NOT a FF loser

said December 7 of last year

Originally posted by RonMexico:
I want 3 keepers


Do I get a trophy?
Congrats V
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