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WZ Baseball 2014

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Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Originally posted by Muggins:
I guarantee there will be a point when you guys are pissed at me. I have weird hours but am available for a good chunk of hours here each day.

Just give your cell # to James or me. We will let you know when you are up

James has my twitter. Actually rubber has my phone number.
Originally posted by Knowledge:
On my way home from work now. Pick will be in soon

Yes!! When he's done, someone text me. My number is 1-800-Mix-alot

now kick them nasty thoughts
Ill take the guy formerly known as Mike Stanton
Ha first two picks. There goes my 2 dudes.

Rubber is OTC
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Rubber get your posse on broadway.
[ Edited by Muggins on Mar 3, 2014 at 12:05 PM ]
Rubber is up

John on deck
Damnit knowledge.

I'll take Freddie Freeman

vrabbit on deck
freeman was a keeper of redrose
Originally posted by Fincham11:
freeman was a keeper of redrose

oh sorry. I thought I crossed off every keeper.

Pick coming

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cmon mixalot

Ian Desmond
cool, I'm gonna be happy here because I have 2 guys I want
Well.. my 2 picks I was going to take were Stanton and Desmond. Unreal. Give me a couple of minutes. Just out from meeting.
Screw it.................. CHRIS SALE
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