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WZ Baseball 2014

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Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Originally posted by jrg:
When I took Ethier I was in between Ethier/Dunn/Moustakas

Love that I have all three

Quit gloating

You're drooling...admit it...

Round 11, Pick 127: OF Shane Victorino

RP - Bruce Rondon
Pick 129: Tom Wilhelmsen, RP
Dexter Fowler?
Originally posted by TheNaitch:
Dexter Fowler?

You got him. Not taken yet.
Pick 131... 3B PEDRO ALVAREZ Relieved he is still on the board as Aramis does worry me some.

Boise is now up.
Who should I pm my pick to?
Originally posted by TheNaitch:
Who should I pm my pick to?

Sorry for the delay guys

1B/OF Michael Morse, Seattle Mariners


OF Nick Markakis, Baltimore Orioles
NinerJohn OTC
Let's GO Johnnyboy!
Johnny Boy he says!
Sorry boys.. was in meeting... I will go SP here..... MATT HARRISON SP TEXAS