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WZ Baseball 2014

I'll be here.

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jrg: 314-607-3343
ninerlifer: 404-429-6266
crzy: 408-332-9539
vrabbit: 650-921-8734
Naitch: 509-768-1789
SacRock: 916-402-0715
Fincham11: 540-244-1492.

These are the current phone numbers I have. These numbers are posted here because everybody here I'm sure trusts the guys in this league. Please keep it to just texting. Please let me know if anything has changed/you want yours removed/want yours added.

These are used to discuss trades/etc throughout the season.
New # 334-730-3225
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
New # 334-730-3225

So just to let everyone know...Jose Bautista has already accepted a contract for taking him at #1 is a really it would be crzy that is on the clock.
lets get this ish rolling
Originally posted by Knowledge:
lets get this ish rolling

tempting considering im gonna be pretty busy tomorrow
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f**k it. lets start.

crzy is on the clock..Fincham on deck
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f**k it Jacoby Ellsbury this pick could blow up in my face but whatever
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Originally posted by crzy:


Fincham PMed me his pick earlier..

via PM Fincham11 selects:

SP - Gio Gonzalez

Knowledge is now OTC
Howard had been killing it so far
vrabbit otc..texted him
holy f**k he wasn't kidding when he said only Phills
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