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Should I pick up Lee Evans?

My team is weak at WR to say the least and Lee Evans is the best available. I have :

Braylon Edwards
JEricho Cotchery
Johnny Knox
Anquan boldin
Mike Wallace

I was thinking about dropping Knox or Wallace to pick up Evans. What do you guys think?
Lee Evans is a fantasy bust, I made the mistake of drafting him.
I'd see how he does with Edwards back. But I picked up Evans off waivers and did not drop him for Knox or Wallace when they were available, and I'm happy with that choice. He's not someone I'd want to start every week. But the one week I had to start him he had a good game. I think he makes a pretty decent backup play.
If captain check down comes back then Evans has even less fantasy value. I am glad i picked up crabtree.
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