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Ronnie Brown or Pierre Thomas?

Thomas vs. Rams ranked #27 rush D


Browns vs. TB ranked #30 rush D

I'm thinking Brown since Miami runs the ball a lot..the only thing that worries me as always is Williams taking all the TD's.

The Saints have so many scoring options that it takes away TD's from Thomas....thoughts?

My other RB is Chris Johnson and he's going against the Bills so I'm definitely starting him.

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You have to like both in their respective match-ups.

Thomas should get a lot more work if NO gets up big early, which they will almost certainly do.

Brown is always a good choice, specially vs. a poor team.

I'd go with Brown, you just never know who's going to get those inside the 10 touches with the Saints. At least with Miami you know they are almost always going to try and punch it in with the ground game.

[ Edited by DaManRathman on Nov 11, 2009 at 12:38:14 ]
I like Chris Johnson. LOL To your point, however, I would choose Pierre Thomas. It seems like he clearly is getting the majority of carries now and they should dominate this game early and run a lot late. I like Brown's matchup but just not quite as much.
Easily brown. No doubt
I'd go with Brown as well.. If he doesn't run it in, at least now we know he can throw it in at the goal line.. So either way you can get the points of a td..
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