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Which RB is better to hang onto as a backup play?

Which RB is better to hang onto as a backup play?

Seems like both guys are at the end of their careers. McGahee did well early on, but seems to have totally replaced by Rice (which is not bad because I have Rice). Lewis hasn't been that effective this season, but it seems like a this point he's still probably good for 5-10 points a game. I wouldn't plan on starting either one of these guys. I'm just wondering which would be better to keep around in case there's an injury to one of my starting RBs. I'm in a 12 team league, so even guys like Moats and Snelling are taken.

I'm leaning towards Lewis, because I think he'll probably put up more points over the rest of the season.

What's your take?
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I'd have to say McGahee. Like you said you don't plan on playing either at this point. Which I don't blame you. Jamal is already a starter and you don't want to play him. If Rice gets hurt you'll likely feel good about playing McGahee in his spot.

To me this shouldn't even be a question.
Kevin Barlow
Based on your comments and that you are looking for someone to play if one of your starters goes down I would keep Lewis. He at least plays on a regular basis and will get you some points. Willis M. isnt going to get in the way Rice is playing.
Maybe I'm over thinking things. I have a really good stable of RBs, with Gore, Rice, Benson, and Wells. In my league we start 2 RBs and FLEX, which I usually use for a RB (so basically 3 RBS). I've had McGahee for a while now, and was unable to trade him when he still had some value. Someone just dropped Lewis and I thought I might make the switch. I guess I was just thinking, if things got really bad which RB would I rather have to play? I know there's not much chance I'd play either one with Wells on the bench. But I really think the way to do well in FF is ALWAYS look to make your team better.
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