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A win-win trade scenario?

So in my ESPN league, with the demotion of Josh Morgan I feel like i am in need of another quality WR (i already have Randy Moss), i have both Joe Flacco sitting on the bench and am content on sticking with Phillip Rivers as my starter now that his bye has passed, so i went searching through the league for a team in need of a top QB who had an attractive WR... i find a guy who has Romo and Colston, a straight up trade of Flacco for Colston may be a bit of stretch, so i look to my bench again, notice i have Heath Miller sitting there(im sticking with VD)...then look at his starter, Kevin Boss...

So basically i am proposing a trade of considerable upgrades to two postions, Flacco vs Romo, and Miller vs Boss, and in return receive his top WR (he still has NYG Steve Smith and Roddy White)...

i just proposed this and he has yet to respond, i'm normally not one for trading, but saw an opportunity to upgrade my team. would you guys consider this a win-win for both parties? if not who is on the losing end of this one in your opinion?

here are our starting lineups

Leon Washington
Pitt Def.

Roddy White
Deangelo Williams
Law. Maroney
Bears Def.

he also has Mark Clayton, Jamal Lewis, Ahmad Bradshaw and Marshawn Lynch on the bench who can all take Colston's place..
dude I'd drop Morgan completely, pick up Manningham or even Maclin. But it looks like a good trade
Originally posted by teeohh:
dude I'd drop Morgan completely, pick up Manningham or even Maclin. But it looks like a good trade

none of whom are available, the best available receiver is mike wallace =/
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Well, let's see.

Heath Miller averages +6 over Boss
Flacco + 3 over Romo
he gets a -1 for starting Bradshaw over Colston.

for a total of +8

You only give up bench points and replace your WR2.

Colston is +7 on average to Josh Morgan.

So he adds 8 points a week on average. You add 7 points a week on average.

I'd say it's a win-win. Atleast on paper through 6 weeks without looking forward.
He accepted it, dropped boss and picked up massaquoi, so i guess he saw it as a win-win as well =]
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