Alright, I have V. Davis and J. Witten who both have a bye this week. I am in a 12 team league. Each position is limited. Such as I can start 1 TE but can only carry 2 on my roster. So I have to drop one ...maybe.

The available TE's I see are R. McMicheal RAMS, who has projected at 38 yds and one TD.

Brandon Pettigrew DET who will have to step up for the missing Calvin Johnson today.

Robert Royal CLE.

Or I can wait to see Monday if we are losing by a few points. Tony Scheffler DEN and Daniel Graham DEN are available I could pick one up if needed. If I am winning then no need to worry.

I know I drafted 2 TE's with the same bye week, was hoping for trade value with one of them but no luck.

You thought?

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