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Which Baltimore RB should I keep, and who should I trade the other for?

I have Ray Rice and Willis McGahee. But I've only been starting one of them (along with Gore and Benson). I'm thinking about trading one of them to a guy who needs RBs for a WR. He has Steve Smith (Car), Greg Jennings, and Lee Evens.

I'm not even sure which RB I'd want to hold onto. I keep starting Rice because he's younger and is the starter. But McGahee has gotten more points each week.

What's my best play?
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Trust me, by the end of the year, Ray Rice will have the most fantasy points in that backfield.

Ray Rice is going to go in the first round in 2010 fantasy drafts.
That's why I was leaning towards trading McGahee. I figure he's got the most value now, and will probably not keep this value for long.

So, do you think any of those WRs would be a fair trade for him?
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I wouldn't trade Steve Smith or Greg Jennings for Willis McGahee.

But aim high and maybe the other guy bites.
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