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who should i pick up?? Manningham or Smith ??

Manningham had a HUGE game and looked promising, while Smith has a NICE game too. Manningham is currently the #1 WR in fantasy, while i believe Smith is #5.

Its tough, i wanna pick up one of these guys..
1. While Manningham looks like the deep threat/playmaker, he had 3 catches week 1 and 10 catches last night.
2. Smith is used more on short routes but had 6 cathech week 1 and 10 last night. He looks like Elis go to guy, especially on 3rd downs. Kind of like NYG version of Wes Welker..

any help will help, especially if anyone knows more about the two or the Giants
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Steve Smith slightly above Manningham. Smith is more consistent.
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Tough call..but I gotta go w/ Manningham..looks like hes slowly but surely becoming Eli's favorite target. Watching the Giants game you see him drop back and look at Mario first.
the 2 laegues i am in, it is so hard to make decisions. i am used to huge leagues. until this year the smallest league i was in was a 14 team league.
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