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Collusion in fantasy football

I'm not sure if this has ever happened to any of you guys before in FF, I've experienced it one time before. Might be running into now just one week into the season. Earlier in the week I was proposed and accepted the following trade:

Peyton Manning, Steven Jackson, Donald Driver, Eddie Royal (incoming)


Reggie Wayne, Wes Welker, Willie Parker (outgoing).

I lost a lot of WR depth, but I'm hoping to dangle Schaub/Palmer along with B-Marshall to get a WR back.

That same guy that I sent Wayne and co. to traded Manning I guess because he has Kurt Warner also. But today, a pending trade came in with that same guy (who happens to be 0-1) trading the guy who is also (0-1) who, by this trade, has to make him the worst team in the league, strengthening the team I just traded.

(10 team league, QB, 2RB, 3WR, FLEX, TE, standard scoring)

Leron McClain, Kevin Walter, Antonio Bryant


Steve Smith, Reggie Bush

Thus giving the guy I traded a team of

QB Kurt Warner
WR Steve Smith
WR Reggie Wayne
WR Wes Welker
RB Steve Slaton
RB Reggie Bush
FLEX Fred Jackson
TE Antonio Gates
BE Willie Parker
BE Mark Clayton
BE Todd Heap
BE Tim Hightower

Understandably, Delhomme played like absolute horse s**t the first week, but Steve Smith and Reggie Bush are the best players in the latter trade. I have no idea how the other team acquiring those 3 players helps him. He ends up with:

QB Philip Rivers
WR Hines Ward
WR Antonio Bryant
WR Justin Gage
RB Michael Turner
RB Marion Barber
FLEX Julius Jones
TE Greg Olsen
BE Kevin Walter
BE LeRon McClain
BE Ted Ginn Jr.
BE Bernard Berrian
BE Shonn Greene
BE Jason Campbell

Thoughts? Opinions? Maybe I'm just against that trade because it poses a threat to my team? His RB's may seem a bit weak on the surface with Slaton, Bush, and Parker, but his strength in WR's more than make up for it.
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In a no PPR league like this is. Reggie Bush isn't that valuable. One can even Argue that McClain is more valuable. As both are in a 3 RB rotation. With McClain getting some goalline carries. With Bush getting none. Not too mention Bush will likely not see a 10 carry game barring injury to both Bell and Thomas.

Jake Delholmme went down hill fast as hell. Dropping Smith's value.

While I likely wouldn't have made the trade. I wouldn't call it collusion. He, like you, went for the big names and i'm not sure either of you improved your team with those trades.
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I wouldn't stress out about it. Reggie Bush is seriously no threat in non-PPR. You have the better QB, way better RB's, and a much better bench

Bush might get phased out entirely with the emergence of Mike Bell.

Sure the guy improves with Steve Smith, but still...don't worry too much about it.
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Originally posted by krizay:
i'm not sure either of you improved your team with those trades.

Strongly disagree
Sounds fair enough. One of my first years in fantasy football I was heading towards the playoffs, a week or so before the deadline, another player out of the playoff picture sent a first round pick RB along with an early pick WR for a TE and garbage WR. I was commissioner of that league and hadn't set up league voting yet, so I shot down that trade immediately, communicated to the league the veto in which they agreed, but it drew much ire from the involved parties...prompting me to switch to league voting.
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