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***Fantasy Football Thread***

so essentially drew brees for kaep, richardson, and fitz.

i dont know if I do that.
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Im trying so hard to offload Arian Foster and Tom Brady but no one is accepting my trades. fuuuuu
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Would you trade Eddie Lacy for Giovani Bernard
Originally posted by Dino:
Would you trade Eddie Lacy for Giovani Bernard

Do it quick. Bernard is gonna be rookie of the year imo.

Trade advice.

Arian Foster, Kyle Rudolph and Justin Blackmon for Calvin Johnson and Vernon Davis?
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I just got CJ Spiller offered to me for Brandon Marshall

Would've jumped all over this trade 2 weeks ago lol
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My brother is in desperate need of a decent RB. Pondering trading TRich and Edelman for Cruz and taking a flier on David Wilson. :X

Wow, he proposed Cruz for TRich. 1 to 1 trade. I get Cruz.

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bailal powell or Giovanni bernard
Originally posted by Rocket4989:
bailal powell or Giovanni bernard

I'm doing pretty bad in one of my leagues. A couple guys have proposed trades to me. I'm not very fond of either but thought I'd see what you guys have to say.

One proposal is Hakeem Nicks and Demarco Murray for Julio Jones and Arian Foster which my immediate reaction is no but Foster hasn't been himself yet and Tate is getting quite a bit of carries. I don't want to lose Jones.

The other is Antonio Brown and Ben Tate for Julio Jones. Brown is looking really good and I need RB depth badly but again I don't want to lose Jones.

What do you guys think?

Now I'm being offered Antonio Brown, Ben Tate, and Gio Bernard for Julio Jones. Hate to do it because I really want Julio but I will probably accept this. I would drop Ronnie Hillman and either Kendal Hunter or Jerome Simpson.
I'd have Greg Jennings, Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, Gore, Foster, Bernard, and Tate.

Now what do you guys think?
Idk man Julio is a stud
Originally posted by marshniners24:
Idk man Julio is a stud

Yeah he my second pick.
If I'm giving him up I better get a stud back. Not a good #2 and 2 back up RBs
jay cutler or alex smith.
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