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Week 1: Holt or Cotchery (flex starter)

Week 1: Holt or Cotchery (flex starter)

  • crzy
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Leaning toward Cotchery, but I can't decide.

Indy's pass defense is far better than Houston's.

Then again, Holt has the better quarterback....

[ Edited by crzy on Sep 8, 2009 at 13:28:39 ]
I would go with Holt, Cotchery has a rookie QB and I believe Holt is still a good WR and better than Cotchery.

Also Bob Sanders is out so that helps
I'll go with Cotchery, because I think Sanchez is playin' well and will be allowed to throw quite a bit. Cotchery is easily the best WR on the team. Holt is a better WR, but didn't do anythin' in the pre-season and I think Garrard is still tryin' to get comfortable with Holt.
This is a tough call. I'd go Holt for the sole purpose MJD is the lone running threat and he's dinged up. They may not want to put too much on him.
I'd go with Holt. Assuming he is going to be healthy, I think he is going to have a solid year. He'll lead the Jags in yards.
Cotchery. Both players are #1 receivers, but NYJ throws far more than JAX.
  • crzy
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This is a very tough decision lol
I have a similar dilemma, but I'm going with Cotchery. Sanchez will find out that Cotch is his only receiver and Houston's defense isn't that great.
I agree with most of ya'll. Cotchery will outperform Holt because Indy's pass defense is strong and the Jags don't exactly throw the ball a ton either. Houston's secondary doesn't really scare me too much. I like Holt more in the sense that he is the ONLY option in Jacksonville whereas Cotchery has to compete for targets with Dustin Keller. Also, Cotchery plays with a rookie in QB Mark Sanchez in his first NFL game and Holt has a pretty dependable QB in David Garrard. If it wasn't for the match-up, I could possibly choose Holt, but they are closely ranked and I would feel better picking Cotchery.
Jacksonoville always plays INDY tough.

I think Sanchez struggles a bit, and JC suffers because of it.

Go with Holt the game is on turf and Holt is money on turf.