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Week 1: Holt or Cotchery (flex starter)

Week 1: Holt or Cotchery (flex starter)

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Leaning toward Cotchery, but I can't decide.

Indy's pass defense is far better than Houston's.

Then again, Holt has the better quarterback....

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I would go with Holt, Cotchery has a rookie QB and I believe Holt is still a good WR and better than Cotchery.

Also Bob Sanders is out so that helps
I'll go with Cotchery, because I think Sanchez is playin' well and will be allowed to throw quite a bit. Cotchery is easily the best WR on the team. Holt is a better WR, but didn't do anythin' in the pre-season and I think Garrard is still tryin' to get comfortable with Holt.
This is a tough call. I'd go Holt for the sole purpose MJD is the lone running threat and he's dinged up. They may not want to put too much on him.
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I'd go with Holt. Assuming he is going to be healthy, I think he is going to have a solid year. He'll lead the Jags in yards.
Cotchery. Both players are #1 receivers, but NYJ throws far more than JAX.
  • crzy
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This is a very tough decision lol
I have a similar dilemma, but I'm going with Cotchery. Sanchez will find out that Cotch is his only receiver and Houston's defense isn't that great.
I agree with most of ya'll. Cotchery will outperform Holt because Indy's pass defense is strong and the Jags don't exactly throw the ball a ton either. Houston's secondary doesn't really scare me too much. I like Holt more in the sense that he is the ONLY option in Jacksonville whereas Cotchery has to compete for targets with Dustin Keller. Also, Cotchery plays with a rookie in QB Mark Sanchez in his first NFL game and Holt has a pretty dependable QB in David Garrard. If it wasn't for the match-up, I could possibly choose Holt, but they are closely ranked and I would feel better picking Cotchery.
Jacksonoville always plays INDY tough.

I think Sanchez struggles a bit, and JC suffers because of it.

Go with Holt the game is on turf and Holt is money on turf.

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