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Thoughts on trade

I get Marques Colston

He gets Steve Slaton

Standard scoring

my RBs= Brandon jacobs and Adrian Peterson

my WRs= Calvin Johnson Anthony Gonzales Lance Moore

Im most likely going to do it. What do you think?
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Personally I have this hunch that Moore will outscore Colston this year. Or atleast come very very very close to it. Thus I see no need for you to make this trade.

But that's just me. Who would be your 3rd RB if you make this trade?
I dont like that.

IMO more upside to Slaton than BJ. Moore needs two prove himself more for me to start him.
Thanks for the input,

my backup RBs are thomas jones and my sleeper james davis
NOPE! Keep Slaton just in case one of your RB's goes down.
also receptions are 1 point, so that could be good for colston, yet at the same time slaton gets a lot of looks out of the back field
No. Slaton gets more touches than Colston. Brees has too many weapons just to focus on one guy. With Shockey come'n around with a year with Brees, I think JS will blow up this year.
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With the likelihood of Jacobs missing four or five games, it's in your best interest to keep Slaton.
keep slaton no questions asked.. Good WRs are like a dime a dozen nowadays and a Good RB not so much.
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