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Fantasy Team Names

I didn't see any posts like this, but was just curious what everyone uses for their teams name(s) out there. I usually try to work something Niner-related into the name but am running out of ideas.

Previous Team Names: Golden Gate Greats, In Gore We Trust, Red N Gold Forever...
I try to do something wresting related. Like last year I had the New World Order.

This year in Esco's league I'm the Rated R Superstarz and in a buddy of mine I'm the Main Event Mafia.
mine is always "niners". lol
I use these.

Peanut Butter Jelly and Salami Sliders.
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any team I have Frank Gore on is always TheInconvenientTruth
Any team I have Manu Ginobili on is always Manu being Manu
my current basbeall team is Jeters Never Prosper
...yea, I'm a Sox fan
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